Heart Awakening

Breast Massages & Heart-Opening Practices

Heal and open your heart, for more love, connection, and joy.

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Expand through your heart


Clear your heart from pains and sorrows that are holding you back


Create spaciousness within to experience more lightness, connection, and love 


Connect to your sexual energy and increase your vitality and pleasure in life

"I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it"

"I had a fantastic workshop on breast massage and heart mediation with Aline. The first word that comes to mind is sensational. Aline opened up something in me. I peeled off a layer, and I got closer to myself. It was a very "heart-opening" rather than eye-opening experience. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it."

Roza Jadlowski-Koleszar

Coming 2022

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How it works

8 weeks of heart awakening 
Each week comes with three sessions: a breast massage, a heart meditation, and an extra heart connection practice
The program also includes plenty of material for you to set a strong foundation for your practices and dive deeper, which will make them all so much more powerful! 

"I was able to let go of a layer of shame and pain"

“Aline holds a wonderful, warm, and loving space where it feels very safe to connect intimately with oneself. I was able to let go of a layer of shame and pain and felt truly empowered afterward.”

Katrin Richter

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Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual guide, healer, writer, facilitator.

I support my clients to establish solid foundations for spiritual growth and soul fulfillment.

As we heal and grow, we stop holding ourselves back and become lighter, more connected, and joyful. More of ourselves gets to come into the world.

Spirituality has become a hobby, people are doing many different practices, having fun experiences, but never going deep and doing the real work. This creates an energy mess in their field, so they stay stuck.

I guide people in their path, making sure they have solid foundations and cohesion to heal and expand.

For me spirituality is practical, hands on, and grounded in everyday life. Not fluffy. 

Solid foundations go deep and can take us far. It’s all for joy and fulfillment at a soul level.

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