What do you want? What direction do you want your life to take? What aspect of your life would you like to improve now?

If we look deep into what we want but don’t have, we find big learnings in our resistances, blockages, and limitations. Our visions and dreams that never seem to come true, and are for years stagnant in our lives, show us where we are not taking aligned actions, in our best interest.

That project we talk about for years but never get started can show our self-limiting thoughts, our fears, our self-doubts, and our lack of self-acceptance and self-worth. And so we stay there, unrealized, walking in circles.

At the same time, working with spirituality and personal development, I see many people addicted to healing, constantly telling themselves “I need to be more this or that”.

And just like that, healing and personal development become this huge escape to taking action in life: we are forever healing. Let me just go to that course, to that retreat, to that weekend getaway, and try that therapy. More self-love, more affirmations, and more meditations make healing an entertaining hobby. 

It also turns us into forever-procrastinating students, keeping our well-being but never leaders and creators of our own lives. But it’s ok! We feel great. Our daily affirmations make sure to keep our frustrations managed. 

As spiritual beings, we are on an eternal journey of growth, forever learning and healing — if we live consciously. There is no such thing as perfection and we all have so much to heal if we look within.

We are here to live, and healing is about living better. More than that, we are Creators, by expressing our essence and creating the life we want from the depth of our hearts.

From that perspective, healing is what we do to be able to be better Creators — but it should never put our process of creation and expression on hold.

Life is practical. Spirit is practical, and rooted in everyday life. 

That is why we are living in physicality, the plane of manifestation, where action must be taken. Here, creations are to be anchored on Earth. Through our thoughts, words, and actions, creations become real, energy goes through alchemical processes, and a new reality is manifested.

One thing we can all benefit from healing is how we diminish ourselves — by delaying our dreams and not acting on what we want. The way to heal this is by taking action, instead of overthinking. Action is what finally anchors the energy in our Being and on the planet, for it brings this more rarefied energy into our frequency and density. 

Getting what we want is the true measure of healing. The more we get the life we want to live, the more we have to expand and outgrow our limitations.

It is about “I want this and I am stuck in making this my reality because of this blockage so I am going to heal this blockage to walk forward in that direction”. 

 Before you start telling me life is not about wanting more, let me tell you that “I want this” might not even be a material thing, and that we all have our own journey of self-discovery, to discern what we want at a soul level. 

Let me illustrate this with some tangible examples.

Say you want….

  • More vitality to not be so tired at the end of the day, as you want to have fun with your child instead of just going for Netflix — so you are called to heal the lack of life energy force within you
  • Create a purposeful and profitable business, so you are called to become more clear and outspoken, let go of your resistance to sales and become more strategic
  • Be less jealous and develop a more loving relationship, so you are called to look at what is driving your fear, and how to release from certain patterns of attraction 
  • Enlightenment, but you are stuck in attachments so you are called to keep disidentifying yourself from illusions
  • Create a YouTube channel, so you are called to let go of the fear of judgment, be clear, and learn to articulate yourself better in front of a camera
  • Have your own home with a garden, so you are called to create wealth and manage wealth better
  • To change a social problem so you are called to deeply understand the problem, connect to the stakeholders, and develop a solution that has the support of the stakeholders
  • To learn to play guitar, you are called to prioritize your time differently, see buying a guitar as an investment instead of a cost, be more patient and humble with the learning process, and see yourself as worth it of me time

What you need to heal and develop is of course dependent on your personal reason why you can’t seem to do what you want to do. It is always about why you can’t be yourself fully in the most practical ways in everyday life. This is a highly practical approach to healing, one that focuses primarily on your expansion, for joy, for expressing your essence, and for creating the life of your dream.

Life is a book full of scenes that work as mirrors, giving us the possibility of looking within and grasping fast what needs to shift for us to take that next step. Physicality is a great realm for us to understand cause and effect fast and accelerate our expansion. Now, it is up to us to act on it consciously. 

Part of this healing is to know that you can also learn by doing  — and not using healing as an excuse to not do it. If you want to, say, do YouTube videos, sure you can work on your articulation by doing a course or taking speaking classes. But you can also start recording the videos, post them and watch them to learn what to improve on the next. And you can do both. Possibilities are infinite — the invitation is to not choose one that delays your will unnecessarily. And, for that, your consciousness, and not your fear, is the best guide to realizing your path. 

Here is my invitation:

  • Ask yourself what you want. What life do you want to live? And then take a close look at yourself and see what is holding you back — self-awareness is key
  • If nothing is holding you back, then go and get started
  • If something is holding you back, go and heal that. Get the help you need to support yourself, invest in yourself, and go live your life and do what you want

The only thing between us and that life is what we are telling ourselves. And sure there are cases that involve traumas that require more care and ease. 

Yet, many use healing as an excuse to delay their dreams. Please, don’t. You are alive now.

We all have so much to heal. May our healing be highly supportive of our expansion and joy, and never a new layer stopping us from walking forward.

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