Spirituality Supports Us Live Joyful, Connected, and Authentically Fulfilling Lives

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.  

Spiritual guide, healer, creator with a passion for writing and dancing.

I am on this planet to be the full expression of my being - just like you are here to be you. From embodying our essence comes purpose, joy, and liberation. 

Spiritual growth is all about expanding our comprehension of who we truly are. That is why I say "spiritual growth and soul fulfillment": because the more we experience, know, and embody who we truly are, the more fulfilled we become. 

It is a fulfillment that comes from within, at a soul level, as we let go of all illusions, blockages, and social constructs that are blocking us from truly being.

The thing is, to be yourself you need to know thyself.

Which brings the key question: who are you?

Life is to be lived. Spirituality is practical, rooted in everyday life.

So... how did I get here?

What started me on this path was that when I was a pre-teen I could hear nonphysical entities, which deeply scared me. From this natural opening came one core question that led me on: "what is this place we live in, really?"

My path is not the most orthodox one: I joined my first mystery school, the Rosicrucian Order, when I was 14 years old. I later joined other schools, some of which I am still active on. I am also a certified tantra hatha yoga teacher.

For a long time, I kept doing my daily practices, and went on countless courses and retreats. Yet, I kept my path to myself; the daughter of two scientists, for a long time I was too self-conscious to share my "craziness". I went to business school and had a normal office life, keeping my spiritual inclinations private.

It was much later in life, in my early 30's, that I fully grasped who I truly was, and, from that moment onwards, it all skyrocketed.  "Who am I?" is the key question.  

As my expansion catalyzed, I left my office job, my relationship, my home and never looked back. Illusions started dissolving as connection and trust grew solid.

Solid Foundations for Spiritual Growth and Soul Fulfillment

When I left so much of my life behind, it came to me that what we are constantly losing sight of is the very basics of life:

Can we be honest with ourselves? 

What is it that we truly want; what do we live for?

Can we be present, and not get so easily distracted?

Can we breathe properly and relax fully so life energy force can permeate our beings?

Can we listen and trust our hearts?

Can we stay centered, and not give in to hatred and worry?

When the call came to guide others on their path, I began channeling more and more, and it was all clear: to focus primarily on solid foundations

The things we think we know, but so easily leave behind. The things that deceivingly seem so simple, but have infinite layers. The strong and deep roots that allow the branches to go higher and higher. 

My work has five pillars: presence, clarity, connection, joy, and devotion. In the middle of this house held by these pillars, lies my core value: spaciousness. For we can only receive and expand when we can let go and create more space to receive. 

Start your journey

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Liberation! Allow Life to Be Extraordinary

Nothing brings me more joy than being and witnessing the full expression of our beings. Life. Light. My work is supporting people in their spiritual growth so that they can connect more, and let go more of what they are not - to simply allow themselves to be. 

And just like that, we allow life to be extraordinary, and new ways of living to emerge.

Expansion. Liberation.

I was born and raised in Brazil but live nomadically. I love being in nature, dancing, and drinking tea. My favorite sound is the wind blowing. 

Every day I wake up at 4 am, and start my daily spiritual practices and rituals. I am a ritual master because that is what I do: I master my rituals.

After, I give private sessions, write, create courses and events, record podcasts; all to express my being. My Ishta Devata is Matangi. That’s me, in a nutshell. That is my progression path, and walking it fulfills my soul.

There's so much that wants to come through all of us, life is endlessly flowing - if we allow it.

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