Spiritual Growth & Soul Fulfillment

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.  

Spiritual teacher, healer, mentor, author, yogi, speaker.

I guide individuals to establish a direct  connection to the Divine within. This is heart-centered spiritual awakening.

Everything is already within you. Yet, it has to awaken.

You are not the busyness, the worries, the pain, the confusion, the frustration, or the sorrows. 

Spiritual growth is the path of the heart, so let your heart lead the way. 

For me spiritual growth is inherently practical. Life on this planet is to be lived vibrantly, not as reclusive hermits or mere bodies and minds, but as conscious beings engaged in the rich tapestry of life. Through my method, we facilitate healing, growth, and ascension to new heights, intending to bring this heightened state back to Earth, enhancing the beauty, love, and purpose of our daily lives. We transcend, and we ground.

It's about living authentically from our hearts, embodying our Divine selves and fulfilling our purpose with joy.

Let's expand spiritually, while living harmoniously in the modern world.

Aline masterfully and cleverly blend deep insights about spirituality with practical tips that speak directly to authentic spiritual growth in a modern world.

Cindy Carpenter

Life is to be lived. Spirituality is practical, rooted in everyday life.

My Services

So... how did I get here?

My journey began as a teenager when I started hearing nonphysical entities, sparking a quest to understand the true nature of our existence.

My path diverged from the conventional; at 14, I joined the Rosicrucian Order, and was later initiated into various mystery schools and lineagesThese ancient, hidden traditions, rich in guidance and rituals, deepened my connection to Spirit. Discover the summarized timeline below.

My journey remained private for years, as I kept with my daily practices and rituals, going on countless courses and retreats. Raised by scientists, I hesitated to share my spiritual pursuits while leading a conventional life. I went to business school and had normal office jobs for many years. 

In my early 30s, a significant energetic leap propelled me into a transformative phase. Breaking free from my office job, relationship, and home, I embraced a life where illusions dissolved, replaced by profound connection and trust.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Your purpose is an expression of who you are. The more you know yourself, the more you live authentically, and the more you live your purpose - simply by Being you.

Aline Ra M

Summarized Timeline 

- Joined Rosicrucian Order, 1998
- Joined Gnosis, 2007
- Lineage of King Solomon Initiation (Modern Mystery School, MMS): 2019
- Initiation as a Life Activation Practitioner (MMS): 2019
recertified every year since
- Shivoham Tantra Initiation: 2019
- Sharabh Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (50h, Yoga Alliance): 2020
- First Ritual Master Initiation (MMS): 2021
- Healer's Academy Training (MMS) for multiple healing modalities: 2021
- Ensofic Reiki Healer Training: 2022
- Second Ritual Master Initiation (MMS): 2022
- Hatha Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (200h, Yoga Alliance): 2022

Today, I am exclusively active in the lineage of King Solomon through the Modern Mystery School, as a Healer, Teacher and Ritual Master.

Essential Guide to Spiritual Growth

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Essential Guide to Spiritual Growth

Demystify spiritual growth and bring it to your everyday life in this practical yet deep guide.

Learn key concepts, receive timeless wisdom get practical guidance for your personal journey.

Spiritual Growth & Soul Fulfillment

In leaving much of my life behind, I discovered the crucial yet often overlooked power of foundations. Like the hidden underpinnings of a home, they sustain our healing, well-being, and growth, forming the basis for endless expansion.

These foundations are real but easily neglected, much like the roots of a house. This neglect hampers spiritual growth and soul fulfillment.

Let's be honest with ourselves—acknowledge our deepest longings and surrender to love. 

Can we listen to and trust our hearts? How about staying  centered amid challenges and resist hatred, frustration, and fear? Align heart, mind, body, and soul to end the struggle within?

Can we release stress, cultivate a spacious, peaceful life, and let go of harmful habits to embody our divinity?

Foundations offer strength, alignment, and grounding. They empower us to flow in joy, manifest our divinity, and stay aligned with our souls.

Foundations are tricky; we may think we know them, yet often, we don't truly embody them. 

In a world where spirituality is trendy but genuine embodiment is rare, I'm here to guide you. Let's do the work together and fully live your purpose in joy.

Intrigued? Learn more about my work method below.

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is your chance for a personalized 30-minute video session focused on overcoming your blockages and challenges, and paving the path to your healing, growth, and soul fulfillment.

This call is totally free. It's a chance for us to connect, and we see if we are a good fit and kickstart our work together. Learn more about my work, ask questions, and discover what I can do for you.

No strings attached, but expect profound insights into your situation.

Ready to catalyze your journey?

Watch the Video to Learn about the Foundations of My Work

Live Divinely!

Witnessing the full expression of our beings brings me immense joy. 

Amid the prisons of our minds—confusion, worries, and frustration—it's the heart that sets us free.

Spiritual growth is the path of the heart, a journey to amplify joy, love, and purpose in your life!


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I was born and raised in Brazil but live nomadically. I love being in nature, dancing, and drinking tea. My favorite sound is the wind blowing. 

Every day I wake up and start my daily spiritual practices and rituals, that take me about four hours daily.

After, I give private sessions, write, create courses and events, record podcasts; all to fulfill my purpose in joy. 

Together, we navigate your spiritual path, ensuring you stay on course for healing, expansion, and a soulful journey toward joy, purpose and fulfillment. 

That’s me, in a nutshell. That is my progression path, and walking it nurishes my soul.