Reconnect & Recharge

Eight weeks to reset and connect to yourself. Ready? 

Establish Solid Foundations for Your Growth

Ready to jump in your journey?
The Reconnect & Recharge Program is for you who are craving for change.
Together we shake the habitual, foster your connection and establish solid foundations for your personal and spiritual growth from here onwards.

Ready to Reconnect and Recharge?

Bring into your life:

Self-connection and oneness

Higher confidence and awareness of your own power 

Clarity and lightness

Discernment of your needs

How It Works

Four individual video calls: we meet every two weeks. One hour each. 

30 minutes of daily spiritual practice, plus guidelines and protocols for this period.

New practices every two weeks. 

You will not be given content to consume: no videos, no books. Quite the opposite: this program is all about your practice. 

There is no dogma, only how you experience life directly.

Get Started

Step 1

Contact Aline expressing your interest in the program.

Step 2

Set program dates, book your first video call, and pay.

Step 3

Receive guidelines, first practices and get started!

Ready to Reconnect and Recharge?

Program Value €1144*

* plus VAT, calculated depending of your location

"Aline holds a sacred space where the body’s natural capacity to heal can arise with great ease. Her voice intuitively resonates with deep parts of myself which allows me to go beyond

Amanda Mungsgard

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