Spiritual Growth & Soul Fulfillment

Life is not a hustle: get clarity, live your purpose,  and radiate love.

Let's get it all together: align your heart, mind and soul, and live harmoniously in the modern world. 

Heal & Expand, While Living Harmoniously in the Modern World

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual teacher, healer, mentor, and author.

I guide seekers to live harmoniously in the modern world.  This is heart-centered spiritual awakening, so you can live your purpose with joy.

Transcend and ground: my approach to spirituality is practical, hands-on, and rooted in everyday life. 

Together, we navigate your spiritual path, ensuring you stay on course for healing, expansion, and a soulful journey toward joy and fulfillment.

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Connection Program

Reconnect & Recharge

10-week program with 1:1 expert guidance to catalyze your clarity, inner peace and joy. Dissolve blockages hindering your growth, heal as you establish a strong connection to your heart and soul. 

Remote Healing Session

Spark of Life

Feeling tired, heavy, stuck? Let that go! This session clears away debris and brings you an energy reset. Receive this powerful energy transmission from me at the comfort of your own home. The result is more energy, wellbeing and clarity.

Online Course

Heart Awakening

Get out of your mind and into your heart! Reconnect  to your heart: heal, balance and energize your heart energy center, stand strong in your heart, live with joy, lightness and ease!

Let's Connect

Discovery Call 

Here is your chance for a personalized 30-minute video session focused on your path of healing and growth. Learn more about my work, ask questions, and discover what I can do for you.

What Constantin Says about My Work

Be One: Establish a Direct Connection to the Divine

Essential Guide to Spiritual Growth

Free Guide

Essential Guide to Spiritual Growth

Demystify spiritual growth and bring it to your everyday life in this practical yet deep guide.

Learn key concepts, receive timeless wisdom, and get practical guidance for your personal journey.

What They Say About Me

Blog: Expand Your Mind & Inspire Your Heart


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Bullshit-Free Mindfulness:
An Uncommon Guide For Joy in Everyday Life

Looking for ways to experience more connection and joy in everyday life? 

This little book brings 50 different meditation-free mindfulness practices that can be easily integrated to your everyday life.