Energy healing is a practice where a healer channels a universal energy force into a patient to help balance, heal and remove blockages from their physical and energy bodies. This energy force can also be called ‘light’, ‘life force’, ‘vital force’, or ‘healing energy’.

Now, could this definition be any more abstract? I don’t think so.

Let’s talk about a few pointers and get more sense out of this.

We live in a world full of pollution, toxicity, negativity, self-imposed limitations, emotional pains, and disconnection. It’s a place where permanence is not natural. And so, every day we clean the dishes, brush our teeth, take care of what we eat, and exercise. On and on.

It’s all for maintenance, making sure that we are fine. Physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. On top of that, if we identify ourselves as Spirit, we can also add spiritual well-being to the list.

The more we recognize ourselves and our reality as existing beyond physicality, on an energy field, the more we start noticing and taking care of this facet of our being.

In this realm, each and every one of us has a multitude of bodies, most only in energy form. For instance, we have an emotional, a mental, and a spiritual body, all inside our aura. Each of these bodies is of a different size, but they are not apart from each other. They are inside each other, like a Russian doll — and your physical body, being the smallest of them, is inside all of them.

Ever had the feeling you were huge — yet, here you are, in this physical body?

In this sense, you are not only your physical body but all your bodies together. Your emotions, your thoughts are energy, like everything else. We can talk about your emotions and feelings, but, because they are energy, we can also work on them energetically.

Woo woo? Maybe. I am afraid I am no scientist.

Think about this: the potential of electric energy was always there. Yet, it took us a long way to “discover” electricity, to understand all that could be done with it. We keep learning new ways to make cleaner and better energy sources. But what if we didn’t make any sense of it? Electricity would still exist but look just as woo-woo, a miracle — or even dark magic.

Energy healing is a field full of things we can’t explain scientifically yet (or, at least, I can’t). That doesn’t change that some sense it, healers know how to use it, and it helps countless people every day. Mysteries. We can recognize that the point of science is to investigate such mysteries of existence, which requires mysteries to exist, so let’s enjoy not having it all solved already so scientists get to keep their job.

Recognizing Ourselves as Spiritual Beings

What happens in energy healing is that we work on these non-physical facets of our beings. Parts that, although not solid, impact us daily — we actually have more bodies than the ones I have brought up so far, but the emotional and mental bodies are good ones for illustrative purposes.

What you think impacts what you feel not only emotionally but also physically, and the more something is left not cared for, the more it crystalizes, descending from body to body, until it becomes solid in your physical body. Tensions, pains, injuries, trauma.

Another facet of recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings is that we grasp that everything around us is energy, and all energies interfere with each other naturally, just by walking down the street. As we interact with the world and people around us, energetic shifts and interferences happen, so to speak. Most of these are benign. But we stay in places that are dense, full of negativity, and feel that getting in us.

We can take care of ourselves by nurturing our spiritual well-being. We can meditate, pray, do yoga, be in nature, and cultivate silence. Broadly, energy healing is one way to care for our energy bodies and spiritual well-being.

Making the Abstract Concrete

Making the intangible tangible is an arduous task. Most people need to see or experience something rather than talk about it conceptually — even if they only watch someone else’s experience on TV.

Metaphors come in handy. Just like we did when computers first came up: your “files” are organized in “folders” inside your computer. Except there is no file or folder inside your computer. But there were physical files and folders before computers, so these objects became our base. And so, the intangible was made tangible.

Because of that, I have the deepest gratitude for Reiki. Explaining energy healing, is, well, as abstract as it gets. Gladly, the popularity of Reiki has given people some sort of base, something to rely on when “energy healing” comes up.

No wonder when I tell people that I am an energy healer, the most normal question that I receive back is “Is it Reiki?”. My answer: “yes and no”. Yes because I do offer a type of Reiki, and no because I offer many other types of energy work sessions that aren’t Reiki.

What Is This ‘Energy’ that Is Channeled?

Let’s begin with: different healings work with different energies. There are many different sources of energy (think elementals, angels, deities, specific masters of light, ancestors, energies from the Earth, galactic energies) and different frequencies that can be used for different aspects of our beings that need healing.

This is why I say “yes and no” to the Reiki question I get.

If I want to remove negative energy from you I will do one thing. If I want to connect you more to your soul, I will do another. And I will do a very different thing if I want to clear debris and fatigue from you. I provide more than 10 different types of energy healing sessions, each for a different reason and connecting to a different energy.

“What do you mean by different energies, isn’t it all just one big Source?” Again, yes and no. Just like you and I are the same being, but this is mostly a mental concept in this dimension, or are you actually experiencing that you are me as you read this article?

Yes, we are all one, but we are a multi-conscious being. Here, in physicality, we are more like different facets, fragments, and aspects of the same consciousness.

These different energies could be understood as different aspects of the same one, which we call upon for specific purposes. Healers are people who can consciously channel particular frequencies and energies for specific purposes.

Also, beware there are plenty of people who can play with and manipulate energy, but have no idea what the energy they are playing with is actually doing. It’s not because you feel something that it is healing. Thinking that any “energy” is by default positive is naivety. We live on a planet where there’s duality, light and dark, and let’s say the bad wolf knows how to disguise itself as the nice grandma. Hence why I say “healers consciously channel”.

We are complex, multi-layered, multi-conscious beings. Just like you don’t visit a general doctor for specific problems, different issues require different types of work in different energy bodies. I truly don’t believe there’s such a thing as one size fits all or a type of session that can fix everything. But who knows, maybe there is and we just haven’t discovered it yet.

If this is still too abstract for you, my answer is to remain practical. At some point, we have to ask ourselves: does it work? If yes, fantastic. If you think this is stupid, then don’t waste your time and energy. If you are curious, give it a shot with an open mind. If you’ve felt it, seen results, and it has helped you, amazing, go for it.

For those like me with a love for the occult, we can dwell too much on the abstract side, but at the end of the day, it is about healing our wounds and living better.