Remote Healing

Spark of Life

Have a Healing Session, Wherever You Are

It doesn't matter where you are in the globe, you can receive an energy healing session from me at the comfort of your own home. 

Feeling Tired, Foggy, Heavy?

This is an energy clearing session. I send light straight into your body to clear away debris. 

It's time to clear away what is bringing you down and preventing you from having more stamina and clarity. 


Clear debris, stress and stuck energy

Greater physical stamina and energy

Clarity and focus on what matters

How It Works?

The session lasts 1 hour 20 minutes. 

In this period of time, you should remain in an exact place, just as if we were in the same room. No moving around.

For instance, you can be on a couch or your bed. 

The value of this session is 111 Euros. 

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