Spiritual Coaching

Stay Connected with the Divine - Live Your Soul Purpose

Life Is to Be Lived: Spirituality Is Practical, Rooted in Everyday Life

Coaching sessions for you who would like to heal and grow: work on your spiritual development and overcome your blockages as you care for your career, family and life responsibilities. 

This is hands-on, spirituality in everyday life. 
Stay aligned: live your soul purpose, live your truth!

Together we foster your connection with the Divine, get you lighter and clearer.

Bring into your life:

Connection with the Divine within yourself

Clarity and Self-Connection, bringing more ease and discernment of your next steps in life

Deep Understanding of Energy, and how to shift things in your life at an energetic level, to manifest and bring harmony into your life

Lightness, as you release blockages and overcome challenges 

Will power with grace, to work on your visions and live heart-centered

Alignment with your Heart and Soul 

Live Your Soul Purpose, Live Your Truth

This is for you if:

You want to develop spiritually, but you have too much going on in your life now to sustain daily spiritual practices at the moment

You want a
coherent path and expert support for your spiritual development so you can grow smart and wisely

You feel stuck, and crave for more connection and clarity of your joy and soul purpose

You want to release mental, emotional, behavioral patterns and heal them at an energetic level

You want to live from your heart - with tangible results

personal life responsibilities hinder at the moment how much time you can dedicate to spirituality - but you still wish to grow

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Step 1

Either write me an email to set you up or book your Breakthrough Call - more info below

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Sign agreement

Step 3

Book your first video call and let's start!

Ready for Coaching?

Program Value €1,111

This value includes an initial package of FIVE video calls, 1 hour-long each

You also get direct access to me by email during the time of our package

Contact me for payment conditions

This program is no replacement for therapy, medication or any other clinical intervention

For more info, see FAQ below

With Aline’s support, I have gained ground, aliveness, and a willingness to share my fire. She helps me to grow into my own truth and light, growing a little stronger each day.

Katrin Richter

Breakthrough Call

Your growth and fulfillment in focus: get deep and practical insights on your path!

The breakthrough call is an in-depth one-hour long video call with me, to uncover your path - regardless of you working with me after or not.

In this meeting, we assess where you are, your blockages and opportunities. Based on that, we define the best program for you to work with me and set you up, if you so desire. 

The price of this meeting is 108 Euros. If you sign up to one of my 1:1 programs up to one week after our call, this value is deducted from your program fee.

Prior to the meeting you will answer a thorough questionnaire for me to prepare for the meeting and counsel you, and make the most of our time together.

There's no commitment to working with me after - and you will receive spiritual guidance no matter what.


"How often do we meet?"
For the first package of five meetings, we ideally meet every other week. As we work longer together, the meetings start being more spaced out - every 3 or 4 weeks. Nothing is set in stone though, and we set our calendar together in the Breakthrough Call (or in our first meeting, if you wish to start directly).

"What exactly do we focus on?"
This is highly individual, and it is up to you and the challenges you face. We set our purpose in our first meeting, as we begin our work together.

"How much time do I have to set for daily spiritual practices?"
The coaching is not based on daily spiritual practices! You will eventually receive exercises to support the energetic shift we discuss in our meetings, but these are not practices to be done daily, and they are not time consuming. Differently from my other programs, the coaching is created for people who currently have time restriction, but still wish to work on their spiritual development. 

Start your journey

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Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual guide, healer, teacher.

I support my clients to establish solid foundations for spiritual growth and soul fulfillment.

We can all establish a direct, self-sustained connection to the Divine within yourselves, and live Divinely. 

Master yourself! My work is to guide people in their spiritual path, making sure they are not sidetracked, so they heal and expand. 

As we heal and grow, we stop holding ourselves back and become lighter, more connected, and clearer. These are consequences of releasing from the mind and ego. Embodying our authentic selves, we live our purpose in joy.

For me spirituality is practical, hands on, and grounded in everyday life. We are here to live, now.

It’s all for joy and fulfillment at a soul level.

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