For Your Space: Cristal Gridding

Turn your space into a temple

Enhance the Energy that Flows into Your Space

Crystals are permanently hung on the ceilings of your space as part of a ritual to activate them in a grid. 

Sacred geometry, crystals, mantras, movement. It all comes together.

The result: your space becomes a temple that can sustain higher frequencies. Continuous strong, positive energy.

Turn Your Space into a Sacred Temple

Clear quartz crystals are used to keep high vibration and positivity in the space. The crystals bring specific energies and purposes to the space according to the intention of the grid placed.

Different grids can be applied according to your needs:


Anchor divine energy

Abundance & manifestation

Once installed, the crystals are to remain where they are placed, undisturbed and untouched

That's why we put them on the ceiling. You can crystal grid your entire floor-plan of your home or office, or you can also grid individual room(s) within your home or office.

Spaces that work well to be crystal gridded:

Floor-plan of home
Meditation room
Bedroom or nursery
Healing space for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy work

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Pricing varies based on the travel time, square footage, layout, equipment used, and the number of crystals needed

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