Expansion Program

Tailor-Made 1:1 Program for Your Spiritual Growth and Soul Fulfillment 

Let the Divine Flow through You

Expansion happens through first-hand experience and embodiment

Connect to Spirit in a self-sustained way.

You can't just read and talk about it: you have to do it. Be it. That's why this program is based on practices. 

Daily spiritual practices are personally given to you, based on your personal spiritual path and blockages. 

Your practices change according to your progress - and so does your perception of reality and your ability to manage higher levels of energy. 

We meet 10 times, for one hour each. You carry with your practices daily between our meetings.  

We clear as many blockages as possible for you to leap forward, and unfold your divinity. 

This is no regular program. This program establishes an energetic bond between us for higher guidance.

I will be there throughout the whole process to support you, sharing knowledge, insights and tools.

With Aline’s support, I have gained groundedness, aliveness, and a willingness to share my fire. With her clarity, wisdom, and deep connectedness Aline is, again and again, spot on when it comes to highlighting areas within me that wanted to stay unseen, undetected, and in the shadow. She helps me to grow into my own truth and Light, growing stronger every day."

Katrin Richter

This Program Is for You Who Are Ready to:

Dedicate time for practices - average one hour per day

Devote yourself to expand your Light, leap forward in your growth and unfold your potential

Have ten 60-min video calls with me in a coherent schedule

First Step: Discovery Meeting

Meet me before committing. 

Your spiritual development and soul fulfillment in focus. Let's discuss your path, dive into your current challenges and opportunities, and how to leap forward.

The discovery meeting with me is a one-hour long video call, and the price is 88 Euros.

Prior to our meeting you answer a thorough questionnaire for me to prepare the meeting. This way, we can dive deep and make the most of our time together.

There's no commitment to working with me after the meeting.

Know Thyself = Be Yourself 

Practical spiritual guidance for your expansion. The more you grow spirituality, the more you get in contact with who you truly are. And the more you are yourself, the more joyful and fulfilled you become. Lighter. Vibrant. 

This is a fulfillment that comes from within, at a soul level, for we get to be nothing more than ourselves, masks down - and express the fullness of our being, in total connection, oneness. 

That's liberation. 

Liberation from what? From everything that you aren't. And so, we release from illusion.

Liberation makes us lighter because we let go of so many things that are not us that are weighing us down. Mental models, social conventions, frames of reference, habits, fears, anxieties, you name it. These are not us: these are pieces of armor we attached to ourselves growing up, to protect ourselves, to fit in. 

In this program, we dive deep into what is holding you back from being. It's all about knowing more who you truly are, and thereby embodying your essence, and unfolding your divinity.

As part of this program, you also get a much deeper understanding of how energy and Spirit work, so you have a strong solid foundation in your practice and a self-sustained connection to Spirit.

Start your journey

Learn more about what I stand for: download my free eBook "What Is Spiritual Growth?"

Methodology and Practices

This is about purification, expansion of your vessel and of your ability to circulate and ground a greater amount of even stronger currents of energy.

Based the transmissions I receive and my work with clients, I have developed my own system with five pillars: presence, clarity, connection, devotion, and joy. In the middle of this house sustained by these pillars lies my core value, spaciousness. These are the solid foundations, the blocks that allow expansion to happen in a sustainable way. 

Each pillar includes multiple subtopics, each with practices of its own. For example, presence can include meditation, mindfulness, pranayama, and others. 

All pillars work together and support one key component: spaciousness. To receive more, we also are to let go more. Circulate. Spaciousness means to let go, release control, overflow, relax, allow. Surrender. 

We work with these pillars to expand this house of ours, our vessel, on and on, with grace. 

The more we expand, the more light runs through.

These pillars lead to expansion and liberation.

The practices you get depend on your own blockages and spiritual path. As we start working together, I identify blockages and practices that we begin with, and we change practices as you progress.

Everything is personalized for your growth.

Meaning, this program doesn't have a specific timeframe: it can take you three months or seven months. It all depends on your progress and how often we meet. As we begin the program, we set our schedule together.

Book a Discovery Meeting

For the Discovery Meeting:

Answer the questionnaire. Once you book a discovery meeting, you will receive a questionnaire by email. Please submit this questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, assuring my preparation. This allow us to dive much deeper in our first meeting.
Pay. Together with the questionnaire, you also submit payment for the discovery meeting, which costs 88 euros. 

Program Value: €2888*

* plus VAT, depending of your location

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Ready to Expand?

Program Value €2888*

* plus possibly VAT, depending of your location

Contact me for payment conditions

This program is no replacement for therapy, meditation or any other more serious intervention that you may require.

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