Connect to Your Heart

Having trouble listening to your heart?

Watch this masterclass and foster a deeper connection with your heart

How It Works

One masterclass, 45 minutes

Full of practices, wisdom and tools for you to connect more to your heart 

The heart is a portal of unconditional love.
Love for ourselves.
Love for all those around us.
Love for life.

Connected to our hearts, we expand in joy and have the understanding, the clarity, and the courage to act in alignment.

Receive powerful tools

Connect deeper with your heart
in your daily life

Connect to your heart to:

Listen to yourself better

Live in inner alignment and more open to life

Trust yourself and live more fulfilled

In this class you learn

How the heart energy center works

How to clear your heart

How to enhance your inner hearing 

 "I feel so nourished! What a gift you are sharing here, deeply grateful for this sharing and this offer.” 

Daniela Simart

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual Guide. Healer. Creatrix. Writer. Facilitator. 

Here to support our expansion and to enjoy life! 

Lover of self-expression, the sea and the desert, dance floors, magick, herbal teas, connection, and beauty. 

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