Connect to Your Heart

Having trouble listening to your heart?

Watch this masterclass and foster a deeper connection with your heart

How It Works

One masterclass, 45 minutes

Full of practices, wisdom and tools for you to connect more to your heart 

The heart is a portal of unconditional love.
Love for ourselves.
Love for all those around us.
Love for life.

Connected to our hearts, we expand in joy and have the understanding, the clarity, and the courage to act in alignment.

Receive powerful tools

Connect deeper with your heart
in your daily life

Connect to your heart to:

Listen to yourself better

Live in inner alignment and more open to life

Trust yourself and live more fulfilled

In this class you learn

How the heart energy center works

How to clear your heart

How to enhance your inner hearing 

I thoroughly enjoyed this masterclass! Aline has a way of grounding and soothing by the means of her voice alone.

The techniques offered were very helpful, simple and very easy to implement on a daily basis, demand little time and provide very interesting benefits. They've helped me stay more mindful and connect better to my senses.

Natasa Stanacev, 37, Architect

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual guide, healer, writer, facilitator.

I support my clients to establish solid foundations for spiritual growth and soul fulfillment.

As we heal and grow, we stop holding ourselves back and become lighter, more connected, and joyful. More of ourselves gets to come into the world.

Spirituality has become a hobby, people are doing many different practices, having fun experiences, but never going deep and doing the real work. This creates an energy mess in their field, so they stay stuck.

I guide people in their path, making sure they have solid foundations and cohesion to heal and expand.

For me spirituality is practical, hands on, and grounded in everyday life. Not fluffy. 

Solid foundations go deep and can take us far. It’s all for joy and fulfillment at a soul level.

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