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Live from the Heart: Demystifying Obstacles to Joy

Too much in your mind - and not enough in your heart? The mind is full of worries, stress, and confusion. The heart is full of love, clarity and joy.

Watch this concise class to: 

- Identify what is blocking your heart: what you need to work on to reduce confusion

- Learn how to listen to your heart: expand your clarity 

- Discover how to connect to yourself: bring in more lightness into your life

Aline masterfully and cleverly blend deep insights about spirituality with practical tips that speak directly to authentic spiritual growth in a modern world.

Cindy Carpenter

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual teacher, healer, mentor, and author.

I guide seekers to live harmoniously in the modern world.  This is heart-centered spiritual awakening, so you can live your purpose with joy.

Transcend and ground: my approach to spirituality is practical, hands-on, and rooted in everyday life. 

Together, we navigate your spiritual path, ensuring you stay on course for healing, expansion, and a soulful journey toward joy and fulfillment.

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