Video Class

Live from the Heart

Demystifying Obstacles to Joy

Delve into the profound reasons behind the challenge of listening to your heart and living authentically.

Is your heart longing for more? Join me in my online course Heart Awakening

Heart Awakening

A Journey for You to Live from Your Heart

Reclaim your heart: Heart Awakening is an online course designed to reconnect you to your heart.

Learn to listen to your heart and trust yourself. Life is not a hustle: heal from worries, heaviness and confusion.

Join Heart Awakening for a heart-centered life, with joy, lightness and purpose.

Hi! I am Aline Ra M.

Spiritual teacher, healer, mentor, and author.

I guide individuals to establish a direct connection to the Divine within. This is heart-centered spiritual awakening, so you can live your purpose with joy.

My approach to spirituality is practical, hands-on, and rooted in everyday life. 

Together, we navigate your spiritual path, ensuring you stay on course for healing, expansion, and a soulful journey toward joy and fulfillment.

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