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Spiritual Guidance and Coaching Sessions

Join One of My Programs 

For you who would like to catalyze your spiritual growth and to work directly with me.

I offer two different programs:

Expansion Program

For you who are already consciously working on your spiritual path: go deeper, expand and embody more who you truly are - and thereby let go of what is blocking you.

Reconnect & Recharge

For you who are getting started on your spiritual journey and craving for a big shift and deeper connection to your soul.

Coaching Sessions

As a coach, I work mainly with developing clarity and self-connection. Clarity is your ability to see what you want, to be coherent, to not evade yourself. Self-connection allows you to embrace yourself, to outgrow shame, lack of presence, and fears that are holding you back. 

It is about becoming more of who you truly are. Letting more of yourself come through in in your life, in the world - and, in this way, unfold your potential.

To work with me as a coach, the first step is to book a discovery call. 

Discovery Call
Ready to Catalyze Your Growth?

Let's discuss your challenges, opportunities, and how we could work together to unfold your potential. Also, there's no commitment to working with me after.

The discovery meeting with me is a one-hour long video call, and the price is 108 Euros. Prior to the meeting you will answer a thorough questionnaire so we can dive deep in our time together and make the most of it.

This meeting is essential not only for joining one of my programs, but also to work with me as a coach. 

Have a Healing Session

As an energy healer, I provide different modalities that support you to connect more to your Higher Self and to clear from anything that is in your field blocking you. 

The benefits are to be more yourself, lighter, clearer, more connected. 

These are individual sessions, done in person and remotely.

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