Life is relationships. It doesn’t matter what problem we have, if you dig in, you will find a relationship problem.

Relationships exist at so many levels that it is easy for us to miss what is going on. 

When we are overwhelmed, we can ask ourselves different questions to identify what relationship we need to care for to improve our lives. 

Relationship Dimensions 

Firstly, we have relationship to self

  • How is your relationship with yourself? With your body, with your mind, with your heart, with your dreams? Are you taking care of and honoring yourself? This is a huge one!

Secondly, we have the famous ones: relationships with friends, family, romantic relationships. You know the drill.

We continue going to the bigger picture. There’s a crucial relationship one many people seem to forget about, as if life wasn’t a co-creation: your relationship with life. Life requires energy from all. You can’t only take, you must give. You are no longer a child, and as you grow you take on responsibilities. You will get old and die.

  • Are you struggling with life itself? 

Fourth, how is your relationship with humanity, and with society

  • Do you have a hard time with humans in general? Or do you even hate being human, with feelings, injuries and all the rest? That’s a huge problem for many people these days. 

Oh, there is more. How is my relationship with nature? How about with money, with sex, with power? How’s your relationship with the universe, with creation, with God? 

Are you listening? Or have you unconsciously made yourself into an island?

We Are Interconnected & Interdependent

Everything is alive and relating to us. 

Reality is a fabric of relationships, like a spider web. 

We are incredibly powerful beings, yet, here on Earth, we are not solo creators: we are co-creators. 

When we can relate, we are connected to the fabric of life and we are good.

The thing is, we can all easily disconnect when we fail to relate well and to listen. When we disconnect, we suffer. We feel alone, misunderstood, confused, scared, as if it were us against the world. 

Our well-being invites us to nurture relationships at multiple levels, starting with ourselves. 

More than that, we heal and grow our potential tremendously when we foster better relationships, for we get to create a better fabric of life for ourselves.

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Connection Matters More Than You Think

It doesn’t matter what you want: the house, the wealth, the relationship. I am sure you have experienced moments in the life of an extra high where all felt great and perfect. 

Maybe you were celebrating your friend’s birthday. Maybe you were just on a great mood singing and dancing on your own at home. Maybe you were in nature. Remember those moments. 

Those moments are not moments where you tick all boxes. Those moments are moments of extreme connection. Seek to establish more connection.

Sovereignty vs Synergy

We talk much about sovereignty these days yet real sovereignty only exists with synergy. That’s right, both together. There’s no paradox here. It requires us to embrace ourselves as multidimensional beings. Infinite universes co-exist. 

Just as we need to cater to our relationship to self, we also cater to many other relationships. And surely we can’t always keep it all at its highest. Surely we all have different priorities. Surely life is not stable and different times require different things from us. Finally, different stages of our lives require different assessments. 

What relationships are you excelling at — and which ones need more care?

It’s so easy to disconnect. When that happens, we get confused, we feel lost but don’t know why. This is a side effect of losing a part of us — and, due to the disconnection, not being able to recognize what is missing. 

Gladly, just like we can disconnect, we can always reconnect. Stay connected to what truly matters, go beyond, and dare to be one with all, for this is who we truly are.

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, healer, spiritual guide and teacher. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me today.

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