When was the last time you left your living room completely disorganized just to get back home and find it all back in its place on its own?

Unless you have hired a cleaning service that shows up unannounced, chances are… never. 

And just like our houses get messy, so do our human lives, at multiple levels: unhealthy bodies, emotional turmoils, and anxious minds. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we humans can get highly scattered. Like Russian Dolls, we are multidimensional beings, with bodies, emotions, thoughts, and souls that, without proper care, can easily get out of alignment. 

The result is confusion — we find ourselves lost in a messy inner state.

The solution: Bring the pieces together and realign ourselves. But how?

In this piece, we talk about how to get back to alignment, and why following other people’s recipes and morning routines doesn’t ever fully work for you. 

Bring Order to Our Inner State & Outer Lives 

Organization and alignment require consciousness to take place. In the case of organizing a living room, the consciousness of a human being brings order, defining where things belong, and putting things in places that make sense for the one making use of the house. 

This organization allows the person in question to move effortlessly without bumping into things, facilitating one’s intentional actions in that space, and hopefully elevating the beauty and relaxation one experiences in their house. In this way, the organized house supports a person’s life, not only to live well but to move forward with more ease.

How do we perform the same act inside of us? 

To begin with, we need exactly the same ingredient: consciousness. This is your ability to define what type of organization would be beneficial, which allows for the identification of what is out of place and needs care. 

Unfortunately, we can’t just hire a cleaning clerk to fix all of our mess as we can with our living room — although we can have help to make it faster, more efficient, and become better at sustaining it. That’s what therapists, healers, coaches, and guides can do for us. 

No inner alignment will come up on its own — just like you will not find your house organized out of nowhere on its own. 

Your life is your biggest project and it requires care in the shape of thoughtfulness and status meetings as any other big project you have in life. 

Yet, that consciousness aspect can be tricky. No matter how many times you ask yourself what you want and need, the answer never seems to cut it. Why?

The first step towards alignment is healing.Healing what? Healing that which is creating the lack of alignment in the first place.

Few words within personal development and spirituality are as misunderstood as the word healing.

What Is Healing?

At first sight, the idea of healing seems to imply sickness, bringing a connection to physical, emotional, and mental healing. And well, no one wants to be sick.

Yet, what if healing is not only about sickness but also about our constraints?

Healing goes much deeper into the realms of shedding limited perceptions and ways of being. Healing blockages at all levels.

Letting go of rigid ways of thinking is healing.
Dissolving suffocating social constructs is healing.
Expansion of consciousness is healing.

First and foremost, the need for healing doesn’t reduce or victimize one in any way, shape, or form. No, you are not sick. But you can always grow, and each time you grow and overcome your current state, you heal what was limiting you.

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What Do You Need to Heal for Alignment? 

That is highly individual: what is weighing you down? The answer to that question is what is creating chaos in your life. 

A few regular culprits I see at work are: fear, excessive time optimism, lack of self-connection, lack of vitality, lack of control over one’s mind (leading to overthinking and over-worrying), stress, inability to prioritize and commit to one’s choices by saying no to all else, living on autopilot, busyness and restlessness, lack of clarity, stuck in repetitive patterns, inability to give or receive love, escapisms, karmic blockages, lack of self-steem, lack of self-forgiveness, disconnection from life itself, lack of trust, restrictive ways of seeing reality and inability to see a bigger picture, dreams based on reacting to emotional wounds rather than the longings of the heart, and the list goes on.

The list goes on, and each of us has their top reasons. Because of that, there is no single practice or system that works for everyone. 

What works for you takes into consideration what you need, individually. This is why when we try to copycat “the best productivity hacks” or the tips of others, it never seems to fit us like a glove, even if it works for a while. 

Sure it is great to get inspiration, to open our minds to new possibilities of working and learn from each other. Yet before defining the changes we are to go through in life and what system can support us with them, we need to look at 1 our intentions and 2 inner struggles. 

What you need as an individual requires a deeper understanding of you: the blockage, the wound that needs care, both in terms of healing and inner transformation, as well as in terms of practical life systems that can help you with your life visions.

Some of our blockages we can see ourselves. Others, we can’t, and we could benefit from an expert to see through us and support us. After identifying the blockage, we still need to define ways to transform: to heal and outgrow that blockage. 

We All Have Things to Heal

But not all things we have to heal are currently blocking us. Healing is no excuse for inaction. We don’t need to stop life to heal and grow: everything happens at once, when we are living consciously. The point is not to be addicted to healing and tackle multiple things at once, but to discern what is blocking you most right now — and work on that specific thing so you can walk forward. 

The key is to be practical, intentional, and honest — and not get stuck in healing only. 

You Are Never Alone

Life can feel lonely, especially when we are dealing with our vulnerabilities and wounds, the things we don’t like sharing with many people. 

At the same time, it is vital to remember that we are not alone. We are more than bodies with minds, we have hearts and souls. As spiritual beings we all have spiritual guides supporting us in this journey. You can call it simply listening to your intuition, if you prefer. This connection aspect expands in our lives as we open ourselves to develop our gifts. 

As humans we can connect to each other, and can count with professional support of therapists, coaches, healers, guides to support us on this journey of better knowing and listening to ourselves. Remember when you feel lost — you can always ask for help. 

It is never us against the world. Disconnection is an illusion that leads to separation and great suffering. If anything, remembering we are not alone brings humbleness and extra connection, and lightness into our lives. 

We are all different pieces of the same puzzle. Connection means we are here to help each other — to help, and be helped. 

We all have everything we need to overcome our current challenges. Chaos can dissolve at any time as we apply our consciousness. 

In a Nutshell:
1 Identify your intention
2 Identify what is blocking you
3 Commit to your Healing & Growth
4 Define a system to support you
5 Get help when needed

No matter how big the suffering, the chaos, or the blockage, if you want to overcome it, the answer lies within your hand’s reach. It is only a matter if your mind is open enough to see through it, and if you are willing to go through the transformation it requires of you. 

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me.

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