In times of rising inequality, abuse of power, and a never-ending need for status and hoarding, power has acquired a bad name. We say power corrupts and all we need is love. 

Our hearts want to burst open and share all this love we have. But fear holds us back, scared of what others might do with the power they would have over us. Our love is vulnerable. It needs to be appreciated, and not abused. But wasn’t love all we needed?

The Dance Between Power And Love

Martin Luther King Jr used to say that justice is power with love. When I first read his definition, I could feel my body vibrating in sheer accordance. In his words,

“Love is identified with a resignation of power and power with a denial of love. What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive and that love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power is at its best love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

There’s nothing wrong with power. Quite the opposite. We absolutely need it. Power is crucial for our lives. Without it, we don’t have what it takes to be, to create, and to make our dreams come true. Power is fuel. 

If anything, we need it more than ever. We need clarity, decision-making, commitment, vision, and leadership. We need fuel to organize our efforts, bring cohesion, get things moving, and go through with them till the end. We even have the maxim “If everybody is responsible, no one is responsible”

Power is a type of energy. It is in itself neutral, and it allows us to achieve our goals. It is needed to do anything, meaning it is not an end in itself, but something we use for what we want. 

The issue these days is that we either have left love behind, forcefully pushing things through, or we only focus on love without power. Treating power as evil, we abdicate from it — and so we become weak, undeceive, confused, and lacking direction and commitment. 

We need love energy with all its caring, dialogue, and honesty. Without love, we disconnect, and we become careless not only toward others but towards ourselves.

Power is the usage of our inner strength, it is an energy we need to bring about change.

Power is a primordial energy needed for anything to actually exist and happen. Together with love, it becomes goodwill. Not good intentions lacking action, but will, which is directive. 

When we have power without love, we have systems that function for the sake of themselves, and not for the people the system was created to take care of in the first place. We have power abuse and corruption. We focus on our self-interests and forget about the forest for the trees. We become stiff, harsh, and uncompassionate.

Power doesn’t necessarily bring corruption or abuse- but the lack of love does. Power corrupts those that do not foster higher love. You cannot give what you don’t have, and a loveless person cannot possibly use power for the expansion of love. But a loving person without power can also do very little.

Not power to the people, but love & power to the people.

Rescuing Love

Humanity is experiencing a deficit of higher love and connection, and no matter what system we create, it will corrupt if we don’t fix something inside each of us. So let’s stop focusing only on overthrowing power. This is a struggle that seems to be taking us on an infinite loop. 

Let’s focus on fostering love with power. Higher love is not sentimental, but understanding. We are not our emotions, and love goes beyond a mere emotion – that’s why it gets to be unconditional. 

We confuse love with being nice, but love knows how to say no, for it knows what is not supportive, healthy, and good. Love can fight for what is right. Thinking love is to be always nice is a side effect of powerlessness.

The heart needs to befriend its fire.

The dance between love and power is the fuel to shoot the arrow and wake up the warrior within, ready to serve love. In action. It’s a fight against emotional immaturity and disconnection. 

It is a fight to rise our will, our inner flame, the closest tangible part of us to our divine soul.

Let’s create a world where we can access our feelings, needs, and dreams and separate the desires of our ego from the will of our hearts. Let’s create a world where we can articulate ourselves clearly, without fear or shame, where we can set boundaries, and go after what we want consciously, without victimization.

There’s nothing more threatening to our current system than an empowered society. People who not only won’t play the current game but also have the energy, clarity, and power to make the change happen.

How much action do you take on your love? 

“Power is at its best love implementing the demands of justice” Martin Luther King Jr

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