We are here to expand, we are here to grow. Not to stagnate or contract.

Yet, we easily feel stuck.

When it comes to how much we get to grow, there are many things that block our expansion.

The mind is a regular culprit. Self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, mental models, and belief systems all play a huge role in how much we get to grow in any direction.

Furthermore, emotional wounds, scarcity mindset, and many other dimensions of our infamous ego surely keep us constrained and limited.

However, there is one dimension of us that is highly directed to how much we get to expand and grow, be it spiritually or in any life dimension: the nervous system.

Yet, it is not difficult to hear people say “this is too much for me”, “I am easily stressed”, “My system is recovering from a burn-out so I need to take it slow” and “I am an over-sensitive person”.

So let’s connect the two.

A big part of growing spiritually and energetically is to be able to receive more energy, circulate it, use it for your intent, overflow it in a healthy natural way — and keep receiving more of it. 

Put simply, the more we expand, the more we: receive higher amounts of energy, at higher frequencies, at a much higher pace.

You will only be able to grow if you can handle that. 

If you can’t, in the best of scenarios you keep stuck. In the worst, you hurt yourself. Because that’s what energy does: your inner channels either are calibrated to the current passing by, or you get burned. 

Gladly, if you are doing sustained work on yourself, the current doesn’t expand much before you improve your channels and they work together.

Purification is major in opening our channels, and that is why many spiritual paths work so much with it. We got to rinse our nadis (energy channels), as the energy doesn’t even get to flow if our channels aren’t open for it.

On top of purification, there is activation, continuously expanding ourselves to receive more. This means that for you to grow, your ability to handle energy should grow, so you can properly use this extra energy that starts flowing through you. Meaning, not burning out. Not getting stressed. Not getting overwhelmed.

How much you get to activate yourself without hurting yourself is up to your nervous system.

Energy management. Be it spiritual, emotional, or mental. All the same. Even wealth management. Everything is energy. How can we possibly be more abundant when we can’t handle higher levels of energy?

Think about it.

Ever experienced feeling overwhelmed by something that other people didn’t, really?

What about having so much energy that it burned you out because you couldn’t pace yourself?

How much can you relax and surrender to pleasure before your body shuts down or you start thinking about something else?

How much can you drop the need of control?

What happens when you meet someone you consider to be highly powerful and strong: do you feel at ease, or does that higher level of energy distresses your field, making it hard for you to keep your center?

All the examples above show you when cannot cope with the amount of energy you are receiving.

That’s your expansion limit, right there. 

Your nervous system is not doing this to sabotage you, quite the opposite. It is doing the best it can to keep you safe and make sure you survive. It protects you from dangerous situations, so you can freeze, fly, or flight. But, if you always comply with it and don’t challenge and stretch yourself a bit here and there, it also can keep you too much in your comfort zone. 

On top of that, people who pushed themselves too hard and ignored the signs given by their system before (or even got so disconnected from themselves that they couldn’t hear the signs), end up burning their systems to a point that it deregulates and burns out, to the point that it needs professional help to be repaired, which will make expansion even more difficult.

Expand the Nervous System, So You Can Expand

A crucial aspect of being able to expand is to work on soothing and expanding your nervous system. The nervous system is sensitive and doesn’t answer very well to shock therapy. Still, triggers are needed to expand – it is about the right dosage. Our system needs soothing and prefers manageable triggers. It needs, in itself, continuous work and good management to expand safely.

To keep flying and expanding, we want to have a system that doesn’t get easily overwhelmed. A system that can handle higher levels of energy without being too triggered.

A part of this is to stop overstimulating the nervous system. Meaning cutting on: caffeine, salt, energy drinks, sugar, alcohol, drugs, and sensory overload.

An expanded nervous system supports you to be stronger and more resilient to handle more energy 

Through its expansion, more space is created in you, space where more things can happen. Like when you live in a box, and then the box gets bigger, and out of a sudden you have an extra square meter for you. Your field becomes bigger, and your range of work wider. This way, you can receive more and you can properly manage that which you receive.

I am still to understand why people think that saying “I am oversensitive” or “my nervous system is triggered” is a good thing. Being sensitive in the sense that one is present and connected, able to feel and aware of what is happening in your system is surely great.

However, to be sensitive in the sense that one easily gets overwhelmed isn’t. All it means is that one cannot handle much energy. This is a huge blockage for any expansion to happen, and the way through it is through nervous system management.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to people who have gone through serious issues that have impacted their nervous systems. The nervous system is sensitive, and when overstretched, its healing is difficult and takes much patience and self-love. The thing is, it is a crucial system to heal, and not to settle there, so one can move forward.

A weak nervous system is a blockage of spiritual expansion, of personal growth, of you being able to manage your own power and know who you truly are.

The more you purify and expand in the spiritual path, the more energy and power you have at your disposal to expand your life and bring more light into the world — if, and only if, you carry a vessel that has what it takes.

But if you can’t handle the energy, you will, first and foremost, stop expanding, secondly, get burned by the energy, and thirdly, develop physical/mental/emotional health issues due to a surplus of unproperly-managed energy.

This is why so many people seem to have great “insights and connection” yet somehow keep stuck and confused, easily dazzled and overwhelmed, not acting and not growing enough. That’s because, despite the great energy they receive, they don’t have what it takes to manage it (yet).

It is like being a 20w lamp, but having the universe sending you enough to light a 200w lamp. You will get high on it, and it might be fun — but it won’t last long, and the energy won’t be able to do its job of sustainably lighting your life, so you can manifest and anchor on Earth.

This is especially a problem in a culture where so many people who have no ongoing spiritual practice go on ayahuasca/plant medicine ceremonies or participate in other punctual intense events: at that specific moment, the current is high and so are the insights and connection. But because the vessel is not ready to take it in, it ends up burning their fuses. The result is that it becomes hard to integrate the learnings, it becomes nothing but a mere cool experience – and more and more ceremonies become needed to get back there.

The way I am suggesting here is a self-sustained approach, where we build an expanded energy vessel of our own that is able to naturally take in and circulate more energy in everyday life.

Hands-On: Practices

Simple and powerful things that support nervous system regulation at first are deep relaxation and good posture.

Good posture and relaxation are more important than might seem at first. Your nervous system runs in your spine but also from your spine to the side of your body – and pretty much everywhere else.

If you have bad posture and tension, you are literally compressing your nervous system. The result is that communication and energy don’t get to go through you smoothly.

Tension and bad posture create energetic constraints. It is that simple.

The more good posture you have and the greater your ability to relax, the more space you have, and the more your nervous system can do its job smoothly.

Posture and relaxation are things we can pay attention to at any given time. To improve them what you need is presence and self-awareness, which are in themselves amazing qualities to develop for spiritual growth and expansion.

Sure much more can be done, but these are things that anyone can do and are great starting points for a solid foundation.

Keep Growing

The more we expand spirituality the more we need to be able to receive, circulate, overflow and let go. 

On and on, expanding your vessel.

Again, it is not only about spirituality, but anything that has to do with energy: knowing how to handle more love, more pleasure, more joy, more wealth, more success, more anything.

You will not get things you will not be able to handle, mainly because if you get them, you will simply lose them right away for not knowing how to handle that level of energy. Like someone who wins a lottery ticket just to go back to square one a few months after.

Working with nervous system regulation and management is a big part of my work as a spiritual guide in my 1:1 programs. Learn more here.

Circulate. Become a better vessel.

We are potentially immensely powerful beings, but this potential keeps untapped as long as we don’t have the capability of receiving, managing, using, and overflowing that power.

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