Nothing you want will happen without putting your will in motion. However, most people don’t understand the full potential of willingness and how it works. They either don’t have enough willpower, or they have it but don’t know how to manage it. The result of the latter is exhaustion, tension, and anxiety.

I truly don’t believe we are on this planet to struggle. 

That said, this doesn’t mean things will be easy peasy. We need challenges to grow. Now, this also doesn’t mean hustling through life.  

It doesn’t matter if you want business success, more friends, learn to play the guitar or heal your sadness. The first step to making any vision or dream real is to want it. We want it, we acknowledge what we want and we embrace it. We surrender ourselves to making our vision real, and as a result, the full power of our will can potentially blossom.

Your will resides in the core of your Being. It is part of your essence. Will is a directive force. To unlock your will is part of freeing your Self. 

Your will is your ultimate fire, and you must know how to stoke the fire, and not let it die. Also, fire that is not well-managed burns — thus, stress, anxiety, and the like. 

Developing a strong and healthy will is key to your growth, for it will allow you to master parts of you that not only you don’t seem to be able to control but also that constantly sabotage you and your dreams: your thoughts, your emotions, your body, your desires.

Most people only think of strength when they think of will. Truth is, strength is only one aspect of your will. Don’t get me wrong, of course being energetic, proactive, dynamic, and determined helps greatly. We need that. But that doesn’t mean pushing things through and being forceful no matter what.

Yet, most people think that this is what willpower is, and so they use the will as fuel to hustle and struggle. And so, life becomes a struggle; forceful and tense. That’s misusing Will.

That’s what I call an immature will: a will that hasn’t developed and is almost at an embryonic stage. Most often this results in a person either lacking willpower, or making one act too forcefully. 

Your will is one of the most powerful dimensions of your Being, and because it is so powerful, it is so incredibly rich. Developing will in all its energetic dimensions is something I work in depth with my clients in spiritual development programs. 

Because will is a key aspect of our divine spiritual essence, it expands way beyond our humanity. Hence, how so many people seem to be able to do things that are beyond a regular mortal. 

Using Will is also about being skillful.

No need to use more energy than needed, if there are smarter ways of doing something. Meaning, knowing how to use your intellect, your vision, your creativity, your intuition, and your resources to make the most out of your faculties and potential. This requires taking a step back, developing new skills and learning valuable knowledge, zooming out to shift your perspective, and releasing from your own rigidity and ways of being.

A Mature Will is Good

On top of that, developing goodwill is crucial, for we live in a world governed by action and reaction, where whatever anyone does creates counter energy to bring back harmony — so better to not create harm. Not only is this approach better for the whole, but it also guarantees we stay in alignment and with integrity, in our hearts, connected, and purposeful. It saves us from a lot of stress, disconnection, and suffering that occurs (mostly without our realization) when we do things that create disharmony.

But it goes beyond.

Aligning our Will to Transpersonal Will is what leverages most spiritual and energetic support, for now, it is not only what you want, as a human, against the world. Life flows better when we are connected, and have Spirit working with us, through us.

Call it Transpersonal, Universal, or Spiritual Will, as you prefer. To connect to this Higher will is what is needed to stay in that amazing flow state that we all seek, where everything seems to go smoothly and synchronicities are everywhere. 

That happens when we are connected to a higher part of us and that what want we want is also what this Higher Will wants, with love and light. 

When our will is not aligned with this will, then well, we can still make what we want work, but it will take so much more energy from us, for there we are alone in our efforts — and so, to make it work, we need to hustle.

I truly don’t believe we are here to struggle. The more we are living in authenticity and living our purpose, the more things flow. Challenging at times so we expand and grow — but with no hustling. 

Just like many lack emotional intelligence, many lack a mature will. Because many people don’t know their will (which is a side effect of not knowing themselves), what happens is that they use their will to force things, as a source of power for insistence. The result is that they deplete themselves, become rigid in their ways, and at times burn out.

Your Will is Supreme. The key to a mature will and a state of flow is connection. The more disconnected you are, the more you will struggle. 

What do you want, in your core, in the essence of your being? Is it from a place of love – expansive and conscious?

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