Long story short, no one will do your work for you.

The universe conspires in your favor when you take aligned actions, and work together with it.

Life is co-creation.

Many people expect things to just come to them without lifting a finger. Others don’t accept divine help and struggle alone, forever forcing things through. There’s no co-creation in either of them.

“Conspire” is not a good word for the universe.

I’d rather say, the universe works with you. 

The thing is if you don’t do your work, the universe mirrors you and doesn’t do the work either.

Questioning New Age Maxims

Cute sentences that are taken from granted puzzle me, such as “If it is meant to be, it will be”. Well, something will certainly be, and it is meant to be because of actions that brought specific consequences leading to it. Other than that, this quote is mostly an excuse for laziness and not taking responsibility. There is always free will. People fail at their purposes all the time, and not because it was written in the stars it was meant to fail.

Another one is “Everything has a reason”. Obviously, everything has a reason. That doesn’t mean it is a good reason. The reason might be simply “cause we did not do our part”. Again, this is a universe of cause and consequence, and every action will bring a certain answer, so take aligned actions to the consequences you wish.

“The universe conspires in your favor” is another one of them.

What all of these sentences have in common is naivety and romanticization that we can withdraw our agency. 

That’s because we humans focus too much on what we want now, for our own short-term gain, and don’t think about the consequences of our actions. As a result, we cut ourselves slack, and look for ways to justify ourselves as being right. 

This is not about being afraid of our actions, but rather it is about being conscious of them. Deliberation; that’s maturity and wisdom.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not about being active the whole time; sometimes we do have to step back. Every situation is a different situation. That said, it’s not about being passive and neglecting our role. Co-creation means interaction. We are in a dance with life, a partner dance where no one has a fixed role as a leader or follower, and we constantly change roles. Impermanence is the only constant.

You are the ultimate creator of your life, co-creating with everything around you. You live in the physical, manifested world. This is the plane of action, of manifesting, of creating. Here, just thinking about what you want and asking it aloud is not enough (unless you are looking for a headache and stagnant energy).

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it, act erratically, and struggle. This kind of behavior comes from a place of fear and disconnection. You can get so much help. 

Don’t Be Naive

Many people sell easy advice on manifesting from thin air, how to become abundant and worthy of all richness and wealth — and of course, they themselves make well, for they are telling people what people want to hear. And so, naively, people go and pay to hear what they want to hear and be comforted. It is convenient, it feels good so fast. It keeps people hopeful, and, even better, doesn’t require them to do much. 

We, humans, get dazzled by shiny objects, which distract us and get us out of our path. We constantly choose short-term gratification over our long-term vision and purpose, and for that, all these maxims are great as they help us to justify ourselves. We lack good judgment in a world full of traps.

In my journey, I haven’t had a single spiritual teacher who told me things that were convenient and nice to hear. I did not ever stay listening to any of them excited inside of me saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. A person who delivers such talk is a salesperson. Don’t be confused.

Wisdom is not necessarily difficult and hard. However, it lands with consciousness, and not with the excitement of a child getting a candy bar. Wisdom is certainly not always convenient, but it is not a struggle either. It is a deeper understanding, a finer type of excitement; heart expansion in stillness. Discernment.

I am eternally grateful for having had great teachers in my life from the beginning. When you find yourself your teacher, make sure to work with them.

Take aligned actions, work in alignment with your essence, and then it will not be hard, for you will have beyond human help. Work together. That’s co-creation. 

Working Together

The only ones who work for you and follow your commands are people that you hire and pay for.

Whatever you call the energy you work with, whatever you pray to, be it God, Goddess, the universe, deities, or Archangels, none of these are your hired employees, none of them work for you, and none are your cleaning staff. They are part of your team, and they help you. They do not just do whatever you command them to do. They work with you, and if you don’t do your work, surprise surprise, they mirror you.

The universe will not conspire in your favor while you continuously cut yourself slack and take it easy. It will also not conspire in your favor when you are acting in misalignment, working nonstop in scarcity and fear. Simply because in both situations, you are not working together with your stellar and highly conscious team.

Or maybe the universe is always conspiring in your favor, just not in the way you want: by mirroring your actions, the universe shows you the results of your behaviors and actions. You can be smart enough to see the fruits of your work, learn from it and readjust your conduct, in a good co-creative relationship with life.

This is in fact the point of being in a physical life, in a material world: here, you can see so fast the result of your actions. What happens if I try this action daily for two weeks, does it bring me results or not? What happens if I keep repeating this pattern that I know is not healthy for me? You can continuously try out things, learn from them, and adapt. This, on its turn, requires self-awareness and willpower to actually act and shift. 

How Is Your Relationship with Life?

Everything is relationships. Establish a better relationship with life, more nurturing, more healthy exchanges, and a healthier creative life is formed.

Thinking you can pray, make a wish, do an intention, or make a spell and something will come crawling to you is naive, and misunderstanding your role in the relationship. Clarity of Intentions is needed, but far from enough. Even most magick that can manifest doesn’t last long; the manifested evaporates as fast as it came for it is hard to sustain the energy. Understand how energy works, and its consequences.

Big strong oak trees take their time and resources to get there from being a seed.

Any relationship takes a fair amount of listening and caring for our partner, which brings us to the question of how much can you listen to and honor life, the universe, all the energies at your disposal, and even your intuition.

Basic Principles

The universe operates on harmony, meaning 1 every action has a reaction, 2 there is karma to all that brings disharmony, and 3 we are all to both give and receive — not only givers or receivers. Understanding the practical implications of basic principles makes a big difference.

Everything has its price, nothing is for free because this is a matter of harmony and balance. So no point complaining that everything costs. Many times the price is sheer nourishment and caring. The fact that many times you are not aware of what you are paying may seem like you get something for free, but trust me, you don’t — you are either not conscious of the energy exchange entailed in the operation, or the energy exchange is not completed yet.

When you do things from your heart in alignment with your essence, establish a harmonious relationship, and embody co-creation, then the universe gladly works with you and conspires in your favor.

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