Clarity is our ability to be in alignment with ourselves, knowing what we want, our direction, and our vision. More than that, clarity is the ability to see things in a coherent manner, make sense of it, and discern between what is for us and what is not. Clarity brings, among other things, setting supportive boundaries.

The opposite of clarity is confusion. In confusion, our minds and hearts go blurred. We lack alignment, we don’t know what step to take, and so, we hesitate. When we lack clarity, we get easily seduced by alternatives and possibilities, and we can even step on ourselves. Because we don’t commit, we don’t progress.

Thus, in confusion, we stay stuck. In clarity, we walk forward.

Trust me, we were not made to stay stuck. We either progress — or we regress. Think about it: when “everything is the same” is it really? The universe is a living organism, always evolving. If you are not evolving, you are actually using energy to stay stuck and hold yourself back. As everything evolves, the point of reference also shifts, meaning those that are stuck are actually going down.

We are meant to expand. Consciously, intentionally, yes — but grow. That’s why being confused and stuck feels so bitter.

Since clarity is not the same as certainty, when we take actions based on our clarity, we are acting on trust. Trusting in ourselves, in our intuition, in our inner knowing, in our hearts, in life. 

Clarity gives us strength.

Since growth requires expansion and movement, and confusion is stagnation, clarity is extremely supportive of our growth. Since clarity doesn’t mean success and is an act of trust in ourselves, clarity comes with great self-connection and self-acceptance.

Self-connection and self-acceptance bring us to self-love. Self-love is the core of any personal growth and healing journey. We expand, we walk forward, and we put so much energy into ourselves out of love for ourselves, for believing in our potential, for believing there’s more to life. Because we want more beauty, more joy, more creation, and more love to come through, in and out of us.

Because we want to flourish, we want our best.


Yes, It Requires Energy — Lots of It

Everything requires effort. Stop putting energy into things, and everything falls apart. That’s indeed the natural tendency of this planet: anything left alone, without any energy put to its growth and care, it gets dusty and dirty, rottens, stagnates, gets sick and old, and dies.

Living takes effort, and that’s something that is difficult for many to cope with, given how disconnected we are from our source. I get it. Just to keep things as they require energy to be used. To improve, to expand, to unfold our potential, what is needed of us is great energy to be fostered, circulated, and channeled into what we want. And it starts with our mind. Developing a strong mind that not only gets to see clearly, but is self-aware, and not easily seduced by distractions.

Yes, lot’s of energy. Why would we do such a thing, using so much energy, being so present, so self-aware?

Out of self-love. Out of trust. Out of hope. Out of knowing you are much more.

For we know there is more. We see there is more and we know we can do it. If only we give more of ourselves to the process of expanding — a process that requires clarity.

Clarity of what you want, of your direction, and your ability to stick with your own decisions and commitments.

Truly, it is no rock science. The work is on one hand to connect more to ourselves to see what is already in there. And, on the other hand, to dissolve what is not allowing us to be clear: fear, ego, shame, lack of presence, you name it. We know what we want, but because of certain mental beliefs and emotional reactions, we shut it down.

Even the food we consume, our sleeping patterns, and how much we exercise, all have a huge role in the ability to be clear. Clarity of what is good for you — and what isn’t. And, out of self-love, the ability to choose what is good for you.

No wonder clarity also comes with feeling lighter.

Many times the keys are not so much in what we need more of as much as in what we need to stop doing to stop holding ourselves back. Self-awareness. Purification. Letting go of certain patterns and habits. Transform.

Spiritual Growth

The journey of spiritual growth is a journey of meeting our divinity within, where we learn that the Self is the source of happiness and the locus of love.

It is all about knowing who you are and being who you are.

When we ask ourselves “what do I want?” at first we might get superficial answers, like shiny objects that make us temporarily happy. To find out that what we thought we wanted isn’t really it is n important part of the journey, for it shows us there is more to what we want and need at a soul level. 

As we keep digging deeper and finding more truthful answers, we learn that creating awareness of our deeper longings and going for them openly is nothing more than becoming who we truly are, at a soul level.

Every time you direct life towards things that are not really what you want, things that are social tokens and conventions, you have accepted to live the life of someone else.

What we want is nothing but an expression of who we are. It is that simple — and this is such a big key when we fully let it sink in and embody it.

By going after what we want we let more of ourselves come into the world. To go after what we want is to stop holding ourselves back. To stop downplaying ourselves and ignoring our hearts. To be.

And this requires a lot of energy mostly because we need to let go of all that is bringing us down — which I take to be a great thing (albeit difficult at first). And this, purely, connects us to source, to our higher Self.

It is a leap of faith that allows for the wholeness of our being to unfold. Wings wide open.

So yes, this is why clarity is one of the pillars of my work, and I keep returning to this point over and over again.

It begins with acknowledging what we want, and it continues by embracing and trusting it. And then, to actually put it into action, prioritize, get organized and heal the blockages that are limiting every step of the expansion. Without this self-acknowledgment, without this self-trust, without getting our hands in the work, we are not choosing our soul.

And, without self-love, it will never work.

We get closer and closer to embodying our divinity as we allow ourselves to expand and be.

Spiritual growth and soul fulfillment.

I wish you a holiday season with much clarity, connection, joy, presence, and devotion to your Self and all you love.


This exercise brings you clarity of your direction and how to walk forward in life.

Grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!