Healing Sessions

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Activations start a powerful process in your energy field to awaken new connections between you and Spirit. The sessions are gentle and deep, and are from the lineage of King Solomon.
From here onwards, you will be able to receive more light, release more blockages and return to your divine path.

Life Activation

Kickstart a process in your field that awakens a stronger connection to your Higher Self. This activation enables you to anchor more light in your being, and release from unconscious patterns. The benefits are more alignment, self-connection, and clarity. As more light enters you, the more you redirect your life to your true purpose and establish a deeper connection with your Higher Self.

Spirit Activation

This activation wakes up your soul - the bridge between your physical being and Spirit. This way, you connect more to Spirit and strengthen your body-mind-soul interface. 

More than that, it increases your awareness and opens more your inner senses. More life gets to flow through you. More blockages are released, allowing your vibration to rise. 

Fire Soul Infusion

Open the inner gates of your Soul! Calibrate your magnetic structure while activating the Fire Souls – Spirit in the body. 

Receiving this infusion brings clarity, and enhances inter-dimensional connection. This is a huge step in the activation of awareness of our true divine nature.

Core Will Infusion

This modality enhances the connection with the spiritual self while having more reverence for the experience of Life.

Clear and clean up the etheric structure to become more aligned with the the Will of God, the Will of the Universe & Nature. 

This creates immense clarity of life and purpose and opens up the mind to allow the self to be affected by the true Will of God. 

Archangel Michael Inter-Stellar Light Tube

We begin by activating the Buddhic Body, which is deeply connected to the 7 chakras, greatly supporting you on your journey of spiritual growth. 

In this session, you access the creational energies of Archangel Michael, to re-create yourself in your highest form.

It also liberates you from heavy, negative energies and attachments that create depression and apathy, and clears up old emotional energy, restoring vitality, passion and joy.

Testimonial: Hear from Leonie about Her Life Activation

“When I had a life activation session I was in a period when my mind and my heart were at battle. Aline worked her magic and after our session, it became crystal clear.  The following day I resigned and followed my heart. I don’t regret any day my choice, and I had great learnings from following my heart since then.

Ana Franco Bernardi

Energy Healing

Sessions working on different layers of your energy field, according to your need. Remove heaviness, bring more of your light into your life.

Soul Retrieval

Feeling like you have lost parts of yourself? In this session, we redeem pieces of your soul that seem to have left you. After this session you feel more yourself again, connected and alive.  A great session for when you are struggling with life, disconnected, and missing who you once were.

Negative Energy Removal

The thoughts of those surrounding us can positively or negatively influence us. This creates energetic blockages and interference, causing setbacks and struggles. In this session, the negative charge of energies around you is reversed and cleared. The result is lightness and ease to move forward.

Emotional Cord Cutting

Can't disconnect from a situation or a person? We all have energetic cords connecting us to everyone in our lives, past and present. Through these, people can “pull” on our energy.

This session disconnects the cords you choose to remove. Especially suited in the recovery of struggles, emotional trauma and personal drama. The result is you lighter and freer, as you stop losing energy to these cords.

Energy Balancing

Feeling stressed, anxious, misaligned? In this session, we go through different parts of your energy field clearing them: elemental lines, magnetic lines, chakras, just to mention a few. The benefits are well-being, balance, and peace.

Ensofic Reiki

Heighten your vibration, and restore internal unity by gently releasing stuck energy like old wounds, mental and emotional stagnations from your being.  Heal. Get lighter, clearer, and more connected. 

Egyptian Aura Healing

Feeling vulnerable, easily leaking energy, and a bit out of control? In this session, we repair holes in the seven layers of your aura. 

This is no ordinary healing session; it is a healing ritual. Together we call upon the Pantheon of Egyptian Gods. This modality increases energy for great vitality and rebalances the physical, emotional, and astral bodies.

Shamanic Aura Clearing

This session is about sealing your field, so you can contain your energy better and be more protected. Great when you feel vulnerable and not contained. The result is you feeling energetically cleaner, and more protected. 

Crystal Healing

Using the healing power of crystals and their connection to Gaia we gently release stagnation around your chakras. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns can be cared for.

Spark of Life

This is the only energy session I can provide remotely, no matter where you are! Spark of Life is a modality that clears away debris and brings you a reset, with more energy and focus. It is great for when you are energetically tired and stuck. The result is more energy and clearing.

“My healing session with Aline was beautiful and powerful. This experience was truly eye-opening and has, since then, sent me on a journey of deep spiritual growth. Thanks to Aline and her beautiful guidance, I now feel much clearer, intuitive, connected, and aligned internally. I'm grateful our paths crossed.”

Melanie Besse-Choko


Unsure of which modality to go with?

Let's talk about your current state and needs. We have two options here: 

Option 1: Write me an email telling me more of your situation, and we see it together. You can write me using the contact form at the end of this page.

Option 2: If this is a bigger topic, entailed with your spiritual path, book a spiritual consultation, which is what I call a a Breakthrough Call.


Disclaimer: I do not give psychic readings. If you have yes/no questions, such as "will I meet the love of my life?" or "will I have children?" this is definitely not for you.

Purpose of Life Reading

A reading only concerned with your spiritual path. What is shared with you is the information that the Hierarchy of Light deems necessary at this moment to help you progress on your path.

This reading is only possible to give to people who have recently received a Life Activation.

Crystal Reading

Twin reader crystals create a link between the reader and receiver, to gain insight and understanding into the past, present, and future energies that are affecting the receiver.

Twin crystals are two pieces of same size and shape that were connected from the beginning. Originally from the same crystal, coming from the same mine at the same time.

Remote Healing

The perfect solution for you who are in need of a healing session but cannot come to meet me in person.  

All you have to do is to sit and lay down at the comfort of your own home to receive clearing and healing.  

Spark of Life

A remote healing session that you receive no matter where you are! 

Spark of Life is a modality that clears away debris and brings you a reset, with more energy and focus. It is great for when you are energetically tired and stuck.

 The result is more energy and clearing.

"Access aspects of my soul that rarely see the day of light."

“Aline holds a sacred space where the body’s natural capacity to heal can arise with great ease. Her voice intuitively resonates with deep parts of myself which allows me to go beyond the daily struggles of life and access aspects of my soul that rarely see the day of light. I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants to explore spirituality in a grounded yet profound way.”

Amanda Mungsgard

For your Space

Enhance the energy that flows into your space.

Crystal grids create an energetic sanctuary in your home or office space. 

I install a permanent crystal grid in a ritual using sacred geometry patterns and mantras to activate energetic walls to raise the local vibration. 

These grids support greater focus, clarity, healing, and connection to divine, spiritual energies. 

Energy Clearing

Feeling like there is something in the energy of your place that shouldn't be there? 

I offer a deep energy clearing of houses and spaces, releasing any heavy and stagnant energy that is constricting the flow of love and light in it. This is not an ordinary clearing: it includes multiple rituals and invocations, and builds energetic temples in your space, making sure anything that shouldn't be there is out. 

Bring the power of the Light in, and return to a supportive home.

Unsure of which modality to go with?

Tell me about your current state and needs.

Book a consultation: this is a one-hour video call meeting with me. 

Together we see what would benefit you more at this moment.

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