You can have a whole day of meetings and go from one to the other worried, overthinking, and agitated, or you can go from one to the other in alignment with grace, pacing yourself, aware of your intentions, and connected to life. The schedule is the same; what changes is you: your attitude, your mind, and your reactions.

Your eyes. What do you allow yourself to see?

You can say your favorite thing is to walk your dogs, yet you can physically walk your dog while your mind is consumed with worries and plans. Now, how much are you enjoying your walk?

The real question is: where are you, really?

The location of your body plays almost no role in the answer to this question.

An extraordinary life begins when you master being where you want to be, as a whole.

The first level of presence is to bring your mind where your body is. To do it continuously might sound like a big step, but truly, that’s just the beginning.

For you can be here, in body and mind, and yet serious, worried, stressed, restless finding problems, cup half empty. There are too many reactive zombies on this planet, so let’s bring a little bit more to the table, shall we?

The second level of presence is to bring your heart where your body and mind are.

So here you are. You know this place, you have visited it many times. You know it exists! Here you feel so alive! It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

The challenge lies in staying in it longer. Body, mind, and heart, and not caught up. Now you can even feel your soul!

The most amazing thing about the heart is that it never leaves us, it is always here with us waiting for us to come back to it.

So choose now, and choose it with your heart. Let go of the absent mind, and retrieve your heart.

The third level of presence is doing it all with a clear and pure mind and heart.

I know this sounds tough, but until you gain self-mastery over your mind, you don’t own your life; your ego does. In this place, where 99,99% of humans are, good-quality magick and manifestation are out of the question. You can’t master life before mastering yourself first, and truly that is all a master is: someone who masters themselves.

Purifying your mind and heart is the ultimate healing of spiritual growth.

If you keep questioning why meditation is so important in the spiritual path, truly, that’s why. Meditation is purification of the mind, and if you are mind is not clear, then you don’t master it. You have drama and illusion bringing unnecessary suffering, given what you are able to see with the mind and heart you have.

So you master your mind and choose your heart. Brilliant! You master your mind so it can diligently work on the visions of your heart. By all means, we never neglect the mind. We clear it, expand it, and put it in its right place, with a good pair of eyes. A mind that doesn’t find barriers, inner resistance, and problems, but is willing and finds solutions to what you want. That’s a good mind to have, a good friend.

Now magick can begin!

Breathe. Relax your body and mind. Stay in your heart, and you will get to move through eternity.

Spiritual growth is the path of the heart. We work so much on our minds just so we can get to our hearts in purity, and embody its divine strength.

Keep clearing your mind, and so your consciousness can expand more, and more mysteries and powers show themselves to you. And so you can see who you truly are! Almighty.

It’s a beautiful existence, every time we get to be fully in it. The biggest secret is that it is not about what you are doing, or where you are, it never was. The adventure is not about exploring new landscapes, but about getting a new pair of eyes. For that, dare to let things drop from your hands. Let yourself drop.

Light as a feather.

I’m Aline M, spiritual guide, healer, and teacher. Thank you for reading my post, and may your spiritual sensitivity expand with much strength and grace. 

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