In a world bustling with everyday commotion, we often miss the subtler symphonies playing all around us — the silent energies that flow through places and people. 

As the interest in spirituality and these hidden forces continue to grow, so does the desire to develop our innate spiritual sensitivity. But here’s the kicker: It’s not just about awakening your inner magic; it’s also about learning to navigate this mystical journey.

In this post, we’ll embark on a profound exploration of spiritual sensitivity and provide you with a practice to boost your own sensitivity. So, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into a realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

#1 What is Spiritual Sensitivity?

Imagine walking into a room where everything appears normal and neutral for you. But for your friend, it’s different. They might sense something amiss, an energy shift, or perhaps the presence of others’ vibrations. 

The sheer capability of sensing beyond the physical is spiritual sensitivity itself.

This heightened perception can manifest through various senses. Some may see it, others feel it coursing through their bodies, some just know it, and some even hear different frequencies. We all have our own way of tuning in.

Most people possess one dominant sense, which is their primary channel for these spiritual insights. However, some gifted souls possess multiple heightened senses. The key is not to perceive sensitivity as a problem but to focus on mastering the art of handling these energies, no matter which sense you rely on.

The ability to manage, circulate, and protect ourselves from these energies is what sets the masters apart. 

It’s akin to acquiring new superpowers and understanding when and how to use them.

#2 Handling Your Sensitivity

Sensitivity can be a double-edged sword. Have you ever met someone who walks into a room and instantly feels overwhelmed or uncomfortable? It’s a common experience for some with heightened sensitivity. 

Yes, there are places and people we should avoid because they can be energetically charged in ways that are detrimental to our well-being. It’s vital to discern what is good for us, and what is not. 

But, many times, people develop the ability to sense energy without learning how to manage or cope with it. This is where the challenge arises.

 The goal is not just to receive energy but to understand how to utilize, release, and protect ourselves when needed. It’s about harnessing your sensitivity to fully utilize its power, and not be a victim of it. 

In other words, sensitivity development also requires energetic strength. 

Strengthening your energy body involves multiple approaches, including energy work, spiritual practices, and even soothing your nervous system, which can go into overdrive if overwhelmed. 

When our nervous system is not strong enough to handle our spiritual sensitivity, it may interpret the heightened awareness as a threat, leaving us on edge. Learning to strengthen and soothe your nervous system can be a game-changer. The same applies to spiritual practice, especially when done with the guidance of a spiritual guide who can scan your energy field and give you exactly the practices and knowledge that you need (which is, yes, what I do as a spiritual guide, learn more here).

When it comes to spiritual development, this is crucial. Without knowing how to not only manage but also enhance our sensitivity, we inadvertently set a limit on our spiritual expansion.

As your spiritual journey unfolds, and your growth accelerates, the influx of energy surges at an intensified pace and higher intensity. However, the ability to channel and regulate this energy is the linchpin for your continued progress.

#3 The Ubiquity of Energy

Energy is everywhere, but not everyone can sense it. We’re all wired differently, and while some individuals have a natural predisposition to sense energies, others might need a little guidance. The good news is that we can all develop this innate ability.

You don’t need to resort to extreme measures, like psychedelics, intense breathwork, or elaborate rituals, to awaken your sensitivity. In fact, the journey to becoming attuned to spiritual energies can be a gentle and sustainable one.

Instead of jolting your system with shocking experiences, consider the more peaceful path of connecting with yourself. By nurturing your faculties, emotional system, and nervous system, you can embark on this transformative journey with grace.

Relying on intense and forceful ‘spiritual’ experiences may provide a momentary thrill and an impressive experience. Yet it inflicts harm upon your nervous system, depletes your vital energy reserves essential for self-sustaining spiritual growth. Consequently, this reliance on external stimuli renders your direct self-connection increasingly challenging.

The divine connection we seek begins within ourselves, not outside of us. It comes with grace, and not with forcefulness.

 You can develop a sustainable, direct connection by nurturing your innate sensitivities instead of relying on external stimuli. After all, the magic of existence is always right here, right now.

As you journey toward awakening your spiritual sensitivity, it’s crucial to refrain from extreme measures and instead return to yourself. 

Embrace the magic within by taking a step back, reconnecting, and awakening your intrinsic abilities. Patience here is a sign of self-love, self-acceptance and understanding. Everything is already within you.

Practice: Nurturing Your Sensitivity 

Now that you’re fired up to explore your spiritual sensitivity, here’s a practice to kickstart your journey. This is so simple, and yet do not overestimate its power! 

The human body is a remarkable vessel, and your skin, your largest organ, plays a significant role in your ability to sense energies.

Try this simple practice every day for five minutes:

  1. Option 1: Engage with Physical Touch: Close your eyes and, with your fingertips, gently touch your body, focusing on the sensations that arise. You can also ask someone else to touch you lightly. This practice is a fantastic way to connect with yourself and can be incorporated into your morning or evening routine, to help you connect with yourself first thing in the morning, and to help you relax as you go to bed.
  2. Option 2: Connect with What You Can Feel: Sit outside and immerse yourself in the elements. Close your eyes and see what you can sense in your skin. Feel the wind, the temperature, the texture of your clothes, and any other sensations. Let your skin become your guide to the world’s hidden energies.

This beautiful practice has multifaceted benefits. It brings you back to your body and out of your mind. When in your body, you are grounding in the present moment — the only moment when we are able to truly sense higher energies! 

Secondly, the sense of touch is connected to the heart chakra. Many of us cannot feel much because we are so disconnected from our hearts, and living too much in our minds. Any work with touch supports us to melt the walls in our hearts. Also, spiritual growth without self-connection and self-love is incomplete! 

Additionally, the sense of touch is directly connected with the heart chakra. A prevalent issue among many is our disconnection from the heart, as we tend to dwell excessively in our minds. Engaging in tactile practices aids in dissolving the walls that encase our hearts. Furthermore, it’s imperative to understand that spiritual growth remains incomplete without fostering self-connection and self-love!

Lastly, touch exerts an incredibly soothing influence on your nervous system, enhancing your capacity to both manage and circulate a greater amount of energy.

The power of spiritual practices unfolds through repetition and depth — and not through complicating practices. Allow yourself to dive in. You will be surprised by the effects of this practice if done daily!

Sensitivity is not a destination but a journey, and this practice is a pleasurable and fun part of that voyage!

The magic of existence is perpetually unfolding, and as you embrace your newfound sensitivity, you’ll become a better conduit for this enchanting energy. Remember, it’s not about forcing yourself into the unknown, but about nurturing what already exists within you.

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Are you ready to take the plunge and nurture your spiritual sensitivity, opening the door to a world of unseen wonders? The magic is real, and it’s waiting for you to embrace it.

I’m Aline M, spiritual guide, healer, and teacher. Thank you for reading my post, and may your spiritual sensitivity expand with much strength and grace. 

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