Do you know this expression, “are you out of your mind?” I vouch to rewrite it. Instead, let’s start saying “are you out of your heart?

Your Mind Is the One Creating Problems

When things are going crazy, chances are that craziness was created and carried on by your mind. 

The mind is the ultimate creator of fear. A mind that is not mastered and cleared is fertile ground for overthinking, over-worrying, anxiety, stress, and creating all sorts of terrible scenarios. Disconnected, it gets us into a survival mindset. 

The mind does so by never being in the present moment: it is either overthinking the past or worried about the future. This means it is always somewhere that doesn’t exist, making it bound to illusions. 

The past is gone, take your lessons and walk forward. The future is not there yet, so ask your heart what it wants and use your mind constructively to create it. 

In other words, when things are way too crazy, it is not because we are “out of our minds “ — it is because we are too much in it, caught up to a completely unhealthy level.

The Mind Shouts, The Heart Whispers

We humans are like radio stations, with multiple frequencies within us. At times, we are so tuned in to certain frequencies, that it becomes impossible for us to listen to others. 

The voice of the mind is much louder than the voice of the heart — so much louder that we often find ourselves confused, not knowing what we truly want. Confusion gets us stuck: we can’t make decisions and start walking in circles. 

It is a work of fine-tuning our inner ear. 

You know those moments when it feels like we should be fine, for we have everything? We check all boxes, and yet, we are not. That’s because even though we worked diligently on what our minds told us to, we have neglected our hearts. We lost our hearts — and so we eventually lose all.

There are two ways around this: start clearing your mind, and connect more to your heart. The result is much more clarity and alignment in life. Sanity at last! 

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Clear Your Mind

A healthy and sane mind is clear, free from constant chatter, open to possibilities, and able to create constructively. 

In its clarity, it gets to be present in the here now. It gets to connect to others, to listen to your intuition, to what we call in spirituality higher mind: a divine spacious mind shared by all, where there is no language, only connection, and oneness. 

A clear mind is one that doesn’t create extra trouble. It is a clear channel that allows you to be here now: in your body and your heart, without hijacking you. 

If meditation is important, it is because it is the ultimate tool for clearing the mind. Just like you shower, brush your teeth, have fun, and express gratitude, your mind also needs care. Keep it clean. 

Ground Yourself in Your Heart

If the mind separates us, the heart brings us back into connection and holds us in check with reality. Love is the ultimate connector of life, the spider in the web, holding the fabric of life itself. 

Love is the force that holds eternity.

When things are totally off, it is because we lost our hearts along the way. We gave in to fears and worries of the mind, instead of allowing the heart to communicate what we truly want and what is the way forward. When that happens, we disconnect — we get out of our hearts. We lose our foundation of love, and everything falls as a house of cards. 

Multiple exercises can help you clear your mind and get you back into your heart. In my online course Heart Awakening I take you on a journey towards this fine-tuning to bring you more clarity and love. 

All in all, the heart is much more powerful than your mind. That is why it doesn’t need to shout at you. Your heart knows you are eternal, whereas your mind keeps playing at you for survival. Only a coward without good arguments does that. 

An unmastered mind creates immense suffering. Sooner or later, we all understand what is going on. Then, at your own pace, clear the mind and get back to your heart. 

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, healer, mentor, and spiritual teacher. Too much in your mind — and not enough in your heart? Watch my free class “Live from the Heart” and reclaim your heart today.

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