Modern life is not exactly a walk in the park. We get easily triggered and stressed, our minds are full of worries, frustrations, and fears. Having trouble sleeping? Even when we try to calm down, we are unable to relax our minds. We lost our grip.

How can we possibly live in harmony in such a chaotic world?

The secret lies in understanding that it is not your job to harmonize yourself with the external world. In fact, doing so is what creates all the confusion in the first place.

Trying to comply with a chaotic mess-up reality that seems to have been created for human-robots will not take us to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are doing on autopilot mode pretty much all the time. Worrying about what others think, fearing rejection striving to be liked and belong are just the tips of the iceberg.

Life Is Not a Job — Life Is to Live

In other words, despite life not being easy, you don’t have to make this harder than it has to be.

As co-creators of reality and leaders of our own lives, we can create a functioning harmonious reality for ourselves, which runs parallel to the chaotic one.

That’s the thing about life we keep forgetting about: there are infinite ways of living.

Although many people in your close circle live similar lives to yours, you probably have had contact with others who have created completely different lives for themselves. People who have created different concepts of work, have taken care of their personal development and established beautiful relationships. People with different hobbies, passions, and ways of seeing reality.

Not only that, but the world is full of different cultures, infinite subcultures, each a realm of its own. Parallel functioning realities have always existed, attending to all types of taste. They not only provide for one’s sovereignty over one’s own life, but also allow for different cultures to co-exist in synergy.

It’s not only doable, it is more normal than we all think — yet, we are so attached to our established notions of life we don’t seem to see through. All it requires is to let go of the status quo in your mind. It’s a matter of perspective, personal preference and inclination. It’s a matter of loosening up, experimenting, and not taking things so seriously.

Life is comical, if not absurd — so we might as well make the absurd be according to our own taste of silliness.

Truly, you can create your own culture, which is what you naturally do in a way, when you dare to take care of yourself and go against the stream of busysiness and stress, by bringing harmony within yourself first.

How to do this?

If your job is not to harmonize yourself with the external, then what is your job?

The point is to create harmony within yourself.

This is done by stopping neglecting different aspects of you. You are not only body and mind: you also have a heart and soul that need to be heard, experienced and connected to.

You create harmony within by bringing alignment into different parts of your being — different parts that are rejected by the prevailing culture.

This is a three-step process:

  • 1: Recognize the different sides of you: it is not only your body and mind that need care, for you are much bigger than these.
  • 2: Take care of each of these different dimensions of yourself: mind, heart, and soul.
  • 3: The crucial hidden aspect: strengthen yourself, and develop your willingness. This will allow you to stick to that alignment, to not get caught up when the rubber meets the road. It allows you to sustain your inner harmony amidst the external chaos.

1: Recognize the Different Sides of You

As you recognize you are much bigger being than body and mind, it comes the time to ask yourself: what do you truly want?

What is not working in your life and what is your heart truly longing for?

Look beyond the superficial. This is more than a bucket list created by your mind. This is an acknowledgment of what your soul is crying for, of radical self-acceptance, no matter what others would say.

Make life worth living, in your own eyes.

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2: Mind, Heart, Soul

Ultimately, we want to clear the mind, nurture a peaceful headspace, and allow ourselves to consider different approaches of being. This is all to cultivate a mind that is a great ally and friend.

The heart takes us to joy, to the things we love, to appreciation of what matters, and to quality time with important relationships. The heart is playful, curious, spacious, longing to give and receive love. A joyful heart is vibrant, a heart that surrenders to what it loves, and is passionate about life.

The heart lives fully in the present moment, and when we are too much in our minds, in the past and future, we don’t get to listen to our hearts.

Without an expansive heart, modern life hardens us.

Lastly, nourish your soul: go to nature, cultivate silence and introspection, have time for contemplation, and appreciate beauty. All of these things will expand your soul, and take you to live a more inspiring and fulfilling life.

Different practices and exercises can be used to enhance these multiple facets of your being. When it comes to my work with clients, I share tailor-made practices, depending on their personal blockages and issues.

That said, much suffering in life comes from neglecting our hearts and soul. When we do that, we starve ourselves. As a result, we experience stress, frustration, and misalignment.

On the other hand, working on these different dimensions helps you have more courage and confidence in being yourself, and be less susceptible to external criticism.

3 Strengthen Yourself

We take a few days to take good care of ourselves, we align, journal, and get clarity on what we want and what we care about. All seems to be in order again. And then, a few days pass by and we return to where we were. Why does that keep happening?

This world is not for the weak. Without a good amount of strength and willingness, we get easily side-tracked, distracted, and caught up. Oh you can be sure temptations will be plenty.

It’s one thing to punctually feel well and clear. It is another thing to sustain that state. To stay aligned. That, my friend, is the real work.

Out of self-love, it is important that we develop the strength to say no to what is out of alignment. Out of self-love, we develop discipline (a.k.a. devotion) to stick to ourselves. Out of self-love, we have the willingness to transform.

Love is strong. Living in a chaotic and crazy society, we are invited to be resilient and strong in our love.

For this, establishing a good foundation in the shape of daily practices and routines can be essential. Be it daily meditation, journaling, or exercising, the right practice for you will give you the strength to keep going.

I like calling such discipline devotion, for it is truly about committing and showing up for yourself every day.

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Don’t Worry, We All Fall Sometimes

Living in duality, it is impossible to stay in harmony 100% of the time. Life is a dance, sometimes we lose balance, and it’s ok. It is even necessary: perfect balance means perfect stagnation, which is a state that doesn’t allow us to keep evolving and growing.

It’s about being able to recognize when out of balance faster — and return to balance even faster. This is self-mastery: a much better fine-tuning and self-management, so to speak.

At its core, it is a work of self-love, of sticking to yourself, and being true to your soul. Not out of rebellion, and not out of disconnection to the whole, but out of knowing that it is by being well and being your true self that you have the highest chance to bring more beauty, love and real positive transformation to this planet.

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, healer, mentor, and spiritual teacher. Too much in your mind — and not enough in your heart? Watch my free class “Live from the Heart” and reclaim your heart today.

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