Expand Your Mind, Expand Your Life

Bullshit-Free Mindfulness

An Uncommon Guide for Joy in Everyday Life

This book will remind you that joy lives in every moment - if we dare to live it. 

With 50, easy-to-follow, meditation-free mindfulness practices designed to be incorporated into everyday life, this book brings simple yet powerful ways to recharge, find inner peace, and live more fully. 

Perfect for busy people who want to do more—to experience more— but find themselves lacking the time. With practices that can easily be incorporated even into busy schedules, you will go through each day feeling more connected, more joyful, and more fulfilled

9 Reasons Why You Don't Know What You Want

And how to know what you want
What is it that you truly want? If you are experiencing confusion and indecisiveness about your next steps in life, this eBook is for you.

In this book, we dive right into 9 common reasons why people don't know what they want, followed by 8 ways to connect more to yourself, so you can know what you want. This book will help you see more clearly what is happening in you, and what you are to do next to get more clarity and alignment within.

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