Everything is energy. From the chair where you are sitting to your thoughts and feelings, energy is all there is. 

We can’t create new energy, and we can’t destroy energy. We can only transform and redirect what already is.

That anger I felt when my dad thought he had any right to command me what I ought to do or not? That sadness when I felt when my ex-boyfriend posted a picture of his new girl a few weeks after we broke up? That urge of unfairness when my coworker got credit for my work? All energy.

The truth is, nothing is fully solid. I know it looks like it, but nah. Quantum physics aside, as long as we are alive, we are, to some extent, moving. In this universe, stagnation means death. There’s only expansion and contraction. 

As long as energy is all there is, we are forever spinning, vibrating.

That’s the nature of energy; that’s the nature of life.

Yet in our everyday lives, we struggle against our most basic nature. We ruminate on the same thoughts and feelings. We use our energy to feed this rumination, making sure it never stops. Eric got all the credit for my presentation, that bastard! We feel anger and go through the same episode over and over again. I wonder if he is already back on Tinder. A suspicion of someone’s misbehavior can prevent us from being fully present in our essence.

When we mull over persistently, when we find ourselves stagnant and stuck, we are breaking the flow of energy. We are holding that energy hostage. That’s when things go downhill. 

It is almost like we are breaking a basic spiritual and natural law and for that, we are sentenced.

The nature of energy, of life is to flow. That is pretty much the only thing it has to do. When we stop the flow, we go against nature. The result of this transgression is that we hurt ourselves. By making the energy stuck, we get stuck.

Let’s repeat this:

The only thing energy has to do is to flow, and by stopping the flow we hurt ourselves.

The implication of this is that to flow through life, we need to let life energy flow through us.

Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens through us.

Meaning, if we are stagnant and stuck, life doesn’t get to flow through, and so we feel off. That’s how we disconnect from ourselves and life, right there. We disconnect because we don’t allow life to flow through. 

All of a sudden, we find ourselves confused, lost. We don’t know what we want, and we can’t articulate ourselves clearly. 

Things we hoard are stagnation in our homes.
Tensions in our bodies are stagnation. 
Thought patterns we can’t let go of are stagnations in our minds. 
Things we can’t forgive and hold on to are stagnations in our hearts. 

And so, life becomes a struggle.

It is not always easy to allow life to flow. Our negative egos are making sure of that. That’s why in spiritual growth we focus so much on releasing ego, releasing stuck energy, and coming back to our hearts.

It is all about creating space within us — space for life to flow through. The result is that we get to reconnect: to ourselves, to our loved ones, to love, to life. 

Let go of a few things that are just hanging around your home. 

Stretch your body.

Take five minutes to breathe consciously and clear your mind.

Look back into your life, what can you forgive today?

Create a little bit more space. Allow a bit more loving life energy to flow through you.

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