The mind shouts, the heart whispers,

The mind is busy, the heart is spacious,

The mind worries, the heart cares,

The mind separates, the heart connects,

The mind overthinks, the heart knows,

The mind finds problems, the heart sees possibilities,

The mind adapts to the box, the heart dissolves the box,

The mind is never pleased, the heart is grateful,

The mind can’t let things go, the heart forgives,

The mind gets confused, the heart knows what it wants,

The mind complicates, the heart simplifies,

The mind fears death, the heart remembers it is eternal.

The heart takes us to love, pure consciousness, the most powerful energy in this universe – and highly misunderstood by us, humans. This is not the emotional love we normally refer to, but a bigger type of love.

The love that we are, in our essence.

Living from the heart is scary, for it is so powerful, at times we feel we cannot take it. Love breaks us, just so we get to stretch ourselves more, become more spacious to expand our perception of who we think we are – and experience who we truly are. Love takes us beyond the mortal us, and shows us the divine, beyond-human us.

Love is consciousness, and so everytime that love stretches us, we expand our consciousness.

Spiritual growth is the path of the heart. We purify and quiet the mind, only so we can listen to the whispers of the heart. For the mind shouts, and love will surely never shout at you. The heart takes us to a much higher mind, with bigger perspectives and understandings, beyond our individual experience.

Living from the heart does not mean rejecting the mind. It means turning the mind into a devoted servant of the heart – and no longer the master of our lives. It is a lot of energy to learn to handle, and circulate, especially when the ego is always around the corner, trying to keep us small and ‘safe’.

Love is understanding. Love is nurturing. Love is goodness.

As the story of the Egyptian Goddess Maat goes, once we die our hearts are weighted against a feather in the scale of Maat. If the heart is heavier than the feather, then we have not done our work well in life.

It is a big journey, one of embodying the power of our hearts. The good thing is, we all already have a big heart inside of us, and it will never ever leave us. It is up to us to return to it. Listen to it once again. Dare to trust it. Dare to stay with it, with acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

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