What does it truly mean to live from the heart? It’s a courageous act of connecting with the deepest whispers within us. 

Living from the heart requires not just hearing those whispers but trusting them enough to act upon them, transcending fears and insecurities.

The journey of living from the heart isn’t always a walk in the park. When we come from a place of living from the mind, adjusting to the heart’s whispers might come as an inner battle at first a struggle between fear and love, or rather, the safe-known and the mysterious-uncertain. 

The solution is to not panic, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and have the courage to trust the whisper of the heart.

Surrendering to the heart means releasing from this inner turmoil, eventually leading to a state of peace, self-assurance, and a profound sense of safety within ourselves.

For that, we release from overthinking and worrying. Instead, we dare to take that step in alignment with our inner guidance. 

The Spiritual Essence of Living from the Heart

Spiritual growth intricately intertwines with living from the heart. It’s a process of purifying and clearing the mind, creating a pathway back to our divine essence that lives in our hearts. 

Yet, fears and worries often shroud this path, leading us to decisions based on repetitive patterns and fear rather than joy.

When we live from the heart, clarity becomes our companion. You know all that confusion of not knowing what this life is for, what is your purpose? It dissolves naturally, the more you dare live from your heart.

Through this connection, we discern our true calls and longings, free from the shackles of fears and societal expectations. 

Clarity is a result of self-connection — not of overthinking. It’s a journey of self-devotion, a commitment to our lives and to love itself. A path I guide all my clients on, for more clarity, lightness, and connection. 

Self-Love: A Rediscovery Within

Self-love, though ever-present within us, sometimes feels distant or elusive. The truth is, our hearts never leave us. Your heart is always right there, ready to reconnect and expand within you whenever you want. 

Sure, a voice that we haven’t heard for a long time might be tricky to tune into at first, but I assure you it is always there: like a radio station, we can finetune ourselves. 

To achieve this, we dissolve the protective barriers we’ve built out of self-preservation, melting the walls that block the flow of our hearts. Here is a practice for you to start a powerful shift within yourself. 

Practice: Clear Balance Your Heart 

Dissolving these walls involves both receiving and giving love. The ability to receive is often hindered by our protective barriers, making it challenging to fully take in compliments or gestures. For instance, we might feel we need to give something back right away, and, in this way, we don’t fully receive what was given. Or maybe we are so busy we don’t even realize what we have been given!

Likewise, many struggle with giving, holding back for scarcity mindset, or fear of judgment — what if she doesn’t like what I have to give, what if it is not good enough?

A powerful practice to dismantle these walls is through gratitude and forgiveness.

Gratitude: A Gateway to Receptivity

Gratitude is our ability to receive not just from others but from life itself. It involves acknowledging and appreciating what we have received, experienced, learned, and lived. Taking a few minutes each day to express gratitude creates a moment of receptivity, allowing us to receive and appreciate life more fully.

Forgiveness: Letting Go for a Lighter Heart

Forgiveness, on the other hand, is our ability to let go of grudges that weigh us down, whether they involve others or ourselves. Self-forgiveness forges self-compassion. Releasing these burdens, whether big or small, lightens the heart and allows space for more love to flow through. No need to begin big: forgive small things from your past, or unfortunate incidents of your day.

Connect with the Divine Within

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I am Aline Ra M, a spiritual guide, healer, and teacher, and I thank you for the time and energy you shared with me today.

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