Ultimate Guide to The Throat Chakra and the Chakra System

How often do you hear: “Open your voice” or “Speak up your heart and mind?” In theory, being able to speak clearly sounds easy, but in reality, it can feel like pulling teeth. Sometimes, no matter how much you want to express yourself, the words and the energy simply don’t come out right.

Over time, you start to feel like a prisoner within yourself. Regardless of what you do, your voice can’t break free. Then, one day, you hear about chakras and activating them. One chakra catches your attention: the throat chakra.

Since our voices are connected to our throats, many people think that it has to do with the throat chakra. Because of that, they try to activate their throat chakra and finally be able to speak up their hearts and minds. 

But what if I told you this is not entirely true? The key to speaking clearly is not in your throat chakra. It is much deeper (and lower) than that.

You are probably confused now. If the throat chakra will not help you speak clearly, where should you look for help? And what does the throat chakra do?

In this article, you will learn the real issues that prevent you from speaking clearly — and how to tackle this challenge effectively. You will also discover the real (and unexpected) role of the throat chakra and of the chakra system. Lots of good stuff! 

Your Emotions Are Muffling Your Words

Let’s not beat around the bush: one of the main reasons you can’t express yourself well is because of your emotional reactions. You experience way too many emotions: anger, sadness, fear, excitement. As you speak, the energy of these emotions explodes within you, activating a series of reactions in you as you speak. Because, yes, emotions are energy.

As a result, you experience turmoil that prevents you from speaking well.

 You start to feel overwhelmed and lost in your thoughts and emotions. In other words, it all comes down to your emotional body: the health of your emotional body is preventing you from speaking clearly.

Are Your Emotions Burning You Out?

The emotional body is more connected to the solar plexus chakra. This chakra is also connected to the element of fire. The health of your emotional body plays a huge role in your ability to manage the fire inside of you and benefit from the clarity that comes with it.

When our emotional body is not healthy, our inner fire can burn us. Sometimes we can also be depressed and down, in a way that we lack fire, and therefore our speech also becomes monotone and bland; we can’t touch people. There is a balance: we need the fire, but we need it stable and healthy.

As we heal the emotional body and become better friends with our own energy, we can better pace ourselves and express ourselves clearly.

Think about it. How many times did you know exactly what you wanted to say? Your mind was clear, and you knew exactly what you wanted to say. You prepared yourself, and there was no confusion.

Then, as you started speaking, something happened. All of a sudden, you weren’t clear anymore. Your mind went blank, and you felt nervous and anxious. Instead of listening to your heart or hearing your thoughts and saying what you have to say, you get lost. As a result, as you stopped speaking you felt that you didn’t get to say not even 30% of what you wanted to express. This was not your throat; this was your emotions.

Emotions, Heart & Mind

If the above situation happens all the time to you, your inability to speak clearly is deeper than a simple speech problem. 

You can try various treatments and solutions and even go to vocal therapy. Yet, if your emotions are in shambles, you will still struggle to communicate in a clear, free, and honest manner.

Your challenge can lie in your emotional body and the way that your nervous system handles the energy of your emotions. Of course, your heart also plays a key role: is your heart heavy or light as a feather? Sorrows, guilt, and grudges you keep in your heart can also make it difficult for you to communicate. And sure, the lack of clarity in the mind can also make it more difficult than it has to be.

In other words: 

We all are a system with multiple facets affecting each other. Your throat is simply translating what is inside of you — and so, what is inside of you? Look deeper.

Know Where to Focus

The solution is not to ignore your emotions and mental states and pretend they don’t exist. Instead, focus on healing yourself and your wounds so that you are not caught up by your emotions. You can be the master of your emotions instead of letting them master you.

In other words, these emotions can exist, but in a way that they don’t control and destabilize you. That kind of emotional energy is stressful for your life, and it makes you tense. When you become tense, you either can’t speak what you want, or it just comes out wrong and too intense because of that emotional load inside you.

I invite you to reflect upon these emotions and what caused them. Think of the life events and your beliefs that ingrained these emotions into you so deeply. Start to heal the wounds from those events, and your emotions will heal as well. 

I know — it is a lot of work! Much more than doing vocal cord exercises — but it is so much worth it. As you heal, you will start to relax more. When relaxed, you will be able to speak at ease and circulate the energy that is flowing through you as you express yourself. This energy, instead of overpowering you, will become your driving force.

Relax Your Body and Mind to Speak Clearly

If, for example, you go to singing classes and you do singing exercises, you’ll see that you need to pay attention to many parts of your body.

Of course, you do the neck rolls, warm up the jaw, and open this area of your body. However, you also need to open up your other body parts because the voice goes through your whole torso.

When we are learning to sing, we find ourselves bringing a great deal of attention to our bellies and the diaphragm. There is also so much breathing involved! Breathing connects to our hearts and lungs. Additionally, we relax the rest of the body and even bend the knees so the energy can flow through.

As you can see, your voice uses so much of your body, not just your throat. And yet, that’s not all. You also need to have mind and body integration. For example (getting a bit more technical), when you are changing your voice, going from the chest voice to the head voice, you need to use your conscious guidance, through your mind, to direct and control the energy of your voice.

Relaxing and body awareness help not just with singing but also with speaking well.

The Real Role of Chakras in Your Life

We have seven chakras, and they can be divided into two groups: lower and higher chakras. Between these two groups, we find the heart chakra standing between heaven and earth.

The lower chakras are more connected to this human experience. On the other hand, higher chakras are more connected to our existence beyond the physical reality. They are our connection with the Divine, the universe, and the celestials.

The chakras are a great source of spiritual energy and bring many spiritual benefits to us. Despite being an important energy system, it is far from being the only one. Not everything in our lives has to do with chakras: in fact, we have many other energy systems in our aura responsible for many different things.

An opera singer and a Ted speaker, despite her majestic singing and communication skills, might be far from having an activated throat chakra. One thing is your physical abilities, another thing is your spiritual ones.

Chakras are focused on spiritual awakening, and not so much on everyday mundane things.

Interestingly, each chakra is connected to an element, and understanding the element of the chakra tells us a lot about the chakra itself, and the energy it is connected to:

  • Root chakra — Earth
  • Sacred chakra — Water
  • Solar plexus — Fire
  • Heart chakra — Air

And throat? The throat is connected to the ether. What do we know about ether? What comes to mind when we think about it? Aether is a super subtle element. It represents emptiness, pure spaciousness, and space itself, where our truest Self exists.

Can you see that as the chakras progress, their elements get subtler and subtler, finally to a point that they are not actually a part of the manifested world?

Compare ether to water. Not so much physical everyday life in the throat anymore.

Let’s look at another important attribute of the chakras to understand the throat chakra even better.

Speak Less and Hear More Through Your Throat Chakra

Apart from having close connections to elements, each chakra is connected to a sense. Understanding that sense greatly helps us understand the power of the chakra — and how to energize it.

  • Root chakra — the sense of smell
  • Sacred chakra — the sense of taste
  • Solar plexus — the sense of sight
  • Heart chakra — the sense of touch

What about throat chakra? The throat chakra is connected to the sense of hearing. Developing your throat chakra is greatly connected to your focus on listening — and not on talking.

The language of God is silence. An open throat chakra enables you to listen to God, to divinity, to something significantly higher and more subtle than this physical life: your Higher self, universal frequencies, divine truth, you name it.

The throat chakra will help you understand and have this higher connection by listening to the divine. And by listening to the divine, I mean to listen to God, to your divine Self — not your individual human momentary truth.

Once this is what you listen to, then this is what you communicate through your speech.

The result is that a developed throat chakra might lead you to talk much less. To not care about small talk and things that are so impermanent. You are so connected to divinity and infinity at this stage that you don’t get lost in the human drama anymore. You are at a point in your journey where you are directly connected with things that are so much greater!

With this level of spiritual expansion, you will want to be in a space of connection and not of separation between your and someone else’s truth. You will want to bring to all this higher message and speak of the divine. Your so-called truth resides in your human experience, which is of no concern for your higher chakras.

Practice: Energize Your Throat Chakra

A simple and deep way to energize your chakra is by connecting to the element and the sense of the chakra.

In the case of the throat, with ether and listening, this would mean: practicing being a good listener, and cultivating the silence and spaciousness of the ether in your life.

Listen to your inner world, listen to your intuition, listen to people around you, listen to nature, listen to life, listen to the universe. Listen by being present, by sensing, by connecting, by observing. And then bring this higher perspective into your speech — and no longer get lost in your mind. 

Appreciate silence, empty your space, your schedule, your busyness. Meditate, reduce the volume, reduce the content, reduce the distractions, reduce technology, and stay still. 

The Power of Silence and Words in Sanskrit

The Sanskrit name for the throat chakra is Vishuddha, which translates to pure. An open and active throat chakra represents an extremely high level of spiritual awakening, which truly is extremely rare. Here, there is no negative ego to communicate. In other words, for a person at this level, the human drama is not part of their experience anymore.

Most of us struggle with feeling unsafe, and not knowing how to deal with our emotions, fears, and closed hearts. Not many are able to stabilize and open their throat chakra; this is truly huge! A person with an activated throat chakra is almost at full illumination. Don’t let this discourage you. Just keep in mind this is a long journey, and it requires devotion to yourself, to your expansion and growth.

Masters who reach this level of enlightenment may barely speak at all, and when they do, it is for sharing sacred words. They care more about vibrations and true wisdom. These masters are too connected with the divine to lose the power of their Words on the mundane.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

If you meditate on this, you will understand the power that the Word entails. The Word or the vibration is Creation itself. Once you fully embody that, your words are sacred. Pure.

Another curiosity is that the Sanskrit name of the heart chakra is Anahata, which means unstruck. One classic meditation for this chakra is to look within for the unstruck sound of the heart. Again, this is another subtle clue to the importance of silence as we progress to higher levels.

Activating the throat chakra inspires you to listen, appreciate the silence, capture much higher vibrations, and use your words wisely and purely. By cultivating silence and listening, you might learn the true power of words and their sacredness and fully apply this consciously in your life.

A Word or Two about Chakras and Common Misconceptions Around Them

Let’s clarify a few things that might confuse you on your journey to speaking clearly and exploring your chakras.

Chakras aren’t some binary system. You can do much more with your chakras than open and close: you can block, unblock, energize, purify, open, and activate them. We tend to simplify things too much in the West, but working with the full power of chakras is a journey of its own.

Most people have never fully experienced any of their chakras. In some Eastern traditions, it is said that we all have closed chakras by default, and that is only through devoted spiritual practice that we begin to open them — because again, chakras are connected to spiritual growth only. 

In my personal spiritual path, I had to go through deep purification chakra processes, that completely changed my life and led me to leap on my path. The real thing is out there — it is just not so easy to find. 

You might feel some energy movement after a practice or yoga class, but that doesn’t mean your chakra is pure, open, or active. It is simply not blocked, so the practice energizes it and you feel some energy passing through at times. This can bring you more awareness and trust in the energy and the path, but it is not a chakra activation process, which can lead to kundalini activation.

I am not saying this to discourage you. Instead, I want to remind you to stay humble and connected, to not let your ego get in your way, for this is what can block your progression the most.

All your challenges have solutions and many times, they are not difficult at all if you know where to look. And, oftentimes, they have nothing to do with your chakras. 

Remember, there are many other systems in our aura, we can get a great deal moved by mastering our minds and and clearing our different energy bodies. As a spiritual guide, I can offer you direct guidance in your path, just book a Breakthrough Call with me.

Allow yourself to explore and discover new things about all the magick that exists in your vessel, including your chakras and how they affect you. Stay curious!


The inability to speak clearly is probably frustrating you, but remember that it can happen to anyone. Unlike many people think, opening your throat chakra won’t suddenly make you capable of expressing yourself, and it is a much bigger endeavor than most of us think, spiritually speaking.

Don’t underestimate working with your chakras because they can establish an even deeper connection to the Divine. You just need to be aware of what it can do for you and what’s outside its area of influence.

Everything is so deeply connected within us that we can look at our emotions, hearts, and clarity of thoughts, and they all can have a direct impact on our ability to speak clearly. Connect deeper with yourself and heal what is holding you back.

When your emotions no longer overwhelm you, you feel safe, your heart is open, and your mind is sharp, your voice will be graceful and clear!

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual guide, healer, and teacher and I thank you for sharing your time and energy with me today!


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