It seems like everyone is healing these days. And truly, we all are — and that is beautiful.

At first sight, the idea of healing seems to imply sickness, bringing a connection to physical, emotional, and mental healing. And well, no one wants to be sick.

Yet, what if healing is not only about sickness but also about our constraints? 

Healing is not merely a remedy for emotional wounds or physical ailments; it transcends into realms of shedding limited perceptions and ways of being. Healing blockages at all levels, including spiritual. 

Letting go of rigid ways of thinking is healing. 
Dissolving suffocating social constructs is healing. 
Expansion of consciousness is healing. 

How come these can be healing, if I am not sick? 

First and foremost, the need for healing doesn’t reduce or victimize one in any way, shape, or form. No, you are not sick. But you can always grow, and each time you grow, you heal. 

This is a journey that commences with acknowledging where we are and a yearning to live richer and more fulfilling life. Which in itself means something is constricting us from being fully, and we know there is more on the other side — we know there is more to us.

Unveiling Healing — More Than a Cure 

Emotional pain, suffering, or physical illnesses certainly fall under the umbrella of healing, yet there’s a broader landscape waiting to be explored. 

Letting go of rigid thought patterns is a profound facet of healing. 
Trusting ourselves more is a liberating act, fostering a foundation for personal growth. 
Reconnecting to our purpose and regaining our power is healing. 

It’s about expanding consciousness, understanding who we truly are, and embracing our boundless potential

Healing is intricately woven with self-love. This journey is a testament to the inseparable connection between healing, growth, and love. 

Every instance of healing is an opportunity for growth. 

As we shed outdated mental models and social constructs, we step into a space of greater authenticity. 

Healing becomes synonymous with expansion, a journey where the words ‘healing’ and ‘expansion’ are but different lenses through which we witness the same metamorphosis. 

It’s a continuous process because the capacity for expansion is limitless, mirroring the boundless nature of love. 

The Ultimate Healing — Embracing Your True Self 

Spiritually, the ultimate healing lies in knowing our true selves. Therefore the motto of many mystery schools, know thyself.

True spiritual growth is the journey toward self-discovery, a path that necessitates unwavering self-love to keep us going.

For all that stands between you and your essence, your authentic Self is a veil to be dissolved. Beyond the layers of masks and social constructs, our essence resides, shining.

I know this does not make much sense to many, but bear with me. 

Acknowledging our divine selves requires a departure from illusions, attachments, and a lack of consciousness that perpetuates our suffering.

Illusions persist because, often, we are unaware of their existence — and so, healing begins by improving our ability to see.

Spiritual awakening, akin to waking up an inner eye, is the key to recognizing these illusions. 

Like realizing we act in needy ways because of emotional wounds we carry from absent parents. So are we needy, or is that just a response to a trauma, a pattern created in response to an event that, once healed, will no longer present itself- thereby giving us room for more of the real us to show up? 

However, the process is not always straightforward. It’s akin to a seed breaking free from the safety of the soil to blossom, venturing into the unknown. Seeing in itself can be extremely challenging. 

When we begin on this journey, we are in pain and have clear things we want to heal. But as we progress, we become better at seeing — and so, we can identify more traces that are constraining us.

It is not about being addicted to healing. We carry on as fully functional beings in this world — yet because we love ourselves so much, we want to keep liberating ourselves — and so we keep dissolving, veil after veil. We long to be ourselves. Healing, and growing.

Spiritual expansion is healing. Healing is not a destination; it’s an ongoing process of self-discovery. We are healing from the constraints of our internalized prisons.

The Role of Love in Healing and Growth 

At the core of spiritual growth is love — self-love that propels us to face ourselves, break free from suffering, and embrace our inherent power. A spiritual guide’s role is to support individuals in this journey, helping them see through illusions that hide their true selves. 

Detaching from these illusions isn’t easy; otherwise, we would all be free.

 The process involves awakening the inner eye, gaining consciousness, and building the courage to let go — building on that trust muscle. Illusions, rooted in attachment and a lack of consciousness, create an invisible cage that leads to suffering. 

The journey of spiritual awakening is a continuous cycle of seeing, healing, and growing. It requires an increasing depth of self-love and trust to navigate the transformative journey. 

With each healing, the connection deepens, and the sense of self expands.

Are You Ready to Heal, Grow, and Love? 

As we traverse the intricate paths of healing, growth, and love, the question arises: 

is your heart longing for this journey — and will you trust the call? 

The power to heal, grow, and love resides within each and every one of us. It begins with self-love, acknowledging where we are, and a genuine desire for a more fulfilling existence. 

I am Aline Ra M, a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me. 

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