The journey of spiritual growth often leads us down unexpected paths, from meditation retreats and powerful rituals to the allure of becoming hermits. While introspection and self-discovery hold undeniable value and are crucial aspects of this path, there’s a looming risk of losing ourselves in the pursuits of transcendence, forgetting the importance of engaging with fellow humans, and overcoming earthly challenges. 

After all, why would we be here on Earth if not to live, fully embracing our existence on planet Earth?

Spiritual growth involves transcendence, but transcendence is not an end in itself. 

It’s about transcending to ground. These are two crucial aspects of spiritual growth, two sides of the very same coin. We surely need to transcend narrow perceptions of reality —  and of the meaning of spiritual growth in itself. 

Transcend: Engaging with the Mystical & The Allure of Higher Realities

The mystical side of spiritual growth tempts us with the grandeur of transcendence. It encompasses extended meditation and purification, powerful rituals, kundalini awakenings, energy work, and encounters with higher realities. 

These experiences expand our consciousness, show us more of who we truly are, heal, and expand our energy field. 

There’s genuine value in tapping into these energies and discovering the vastness of existence beyond our everyday perceptions.

Yet, these enthralling experiences can become distractions, tempting us to neglect challenging aspects of our lives. The danger lies when we find solace only in otherworldly encounters, and avoid the complexities of earthly existence. It becomes a seductive escape from the intricacies of relationships, the messiness of life, and the inevitable challenges of being human — all of which are a tremendous part of our spiritual growth.

Especially living in the experience economy, it might seem like this powerful mystical aspect is all there is to it — when it is in fact, only halfway.

Grounded Growth: The Gamechanger Practical Side of Spiritual Evolution

On the flip side, spiritual growth involves practical, down-to-earth personal development. Opening our hearts, healing wounds, and being present in daily life foster calmness, compassion, and active engagement. This is about embracing life, flaws, and all. Becoming better at living. 

Rooted in this life, we have a chance to integrate mystical experiences into our everyday existence. 

While the mystical side expands our consciousness, it’s the practical side that grounds this energy, allowing it to be utilized in our lives. What we don’t ground gets dispersed, emphasizing a crucial understanding: we’re here to live on Earth, to make life better, not to espape from it. 

What happens after an episode of intense transcendence is just as important as the transcendence itself: here lies an opportunity to infuse our lives with the energy we’ve gained — and for that, the energy must be integrated and grounded in everyday life.

Transcending isn’t easy; it takes much of our spiritual development to awaken. Yet, transcendence without grounding is an incomplete job.

It’s comparable to climbing a tree to gather apples, only to find that once you descend, you cannot eat them, leading to the unfortunate spoiling of the fruits.

In the grand scheme of things, the real work of spiritual growth is grounding energies accessed during transcendence. This is what truly changes our lives, sustains an expanded energy field, and lifts the energy of this planet. Whenever you transcend, be prepared to put just as much, if not much more effort, into integrating that energy and experience into your being.

Life on planet Earth isn’t easy and we all wish to disappear at times; moments of escapism can manifest in various forms — even in our spiritual efforts. 

In other words, we transcend to ground — and not to stay spaced out. Transcendence without grounding might even be escapism and self-sabotage.
It is about going full circle: as we go up and return down, we have completed the circuit, so to say.

Much like the learning and practice needed to achieve transcendence, the same principle applies to grounding, as both involve distinct abilities and skills in their respective domains.

Balancing Act: Merging the Two Sides for a Fulfilling Life

Spiritual growth includes both the mystical and the practical. Transcendence and grounding. It’s not about shunning mystical experiences or ignoring personal development; it’s about recognizing that they complement each other. 

One side shows us the grandeur of existence, while the other equips us with the tools to navigate and savor that grandeur right here, right now.

Spiritual growth relies on both. Both the mystical and the practical are spiritual. It is the grounding that allows us to change in a way that we become aligned: in a way that we can walk the talk, and live by what we preach. As long as we are not aligned, we will find inner struggle, confusion, and stress. 

Reflect on these contemplations: 

  • Is your quest for transcendence enhancing your everyday life, providing clarity for your next steps, fostering a deeper connection with others, and bringing more love, beauty, and compassion into your life? 
  • Or… is it making the human experience on Earth even more painful and challenging to bear?

If the latter, you might consider putting more effort into the personal development and grounding aspect of your spiritual journey. 

Spiritual growth isn’t a journey to escape reality; it’s a journey to embrace and enhance the human experience.

Embrace the Journey: Living Fully on Planet Earth

As we explore the realms of higher consciousness, let’s not forget to bring those insights back into our everyday lives. We’re here to live, to experience the full spectrum of existence. Be present, engage with life, and embrace the challenges and joys it presents. 

In the merging of the mystical and the practical, we find the true essence of spiritual growth — a richer, fuller life right here, right now.

I am Aline Ra M, a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me. If you would like to catalyze your capabilities to transcend and ground, consider working with a spiritual teacher. Learn more about my work here.

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