How much love, abundance, and joy are you willing to allow into your life? Life is huge and divine — and so are we, if we allow ourselves to be.

I am not talking about material possessions and VIP services, but the intrinsic divinity of your eternal soul, the spark of life you carry within your heart. Living a Divine Life and spiritual growth are highly interlinked. As we expand our consciousness and let go of illusions of who we think we are, more of our essence gets to come through: our authentic and divine Self; pure consciousness.

A divine life is not something to only talk and dream about. It is not something to fake either. It is something to embody and Be. Going beyond the concepts, there’s living it, there’s Being.

Fundamentally, how we want to live is a choice that we all make, in practice, hundreds of times, every day.

Here are the main facets of living divinely that I personally bring into my life and work as a spiritual guide to deepen your connection to your own divinity.

Don’t Worry, Be Caring

As Divine beings, we master fear. We release from worries — yet we take care of things, out of love. To embody the eternal nature of Spirit that we are means to not live and act out of fear and scarcity, for what does eternity fear?

It doesn’t mean having no fear; it is feeling the fear and doing it anyway, hearing the eternal soul louder than mortal fear — and acting accordingly. Not controlled by fear, we transform, and we choose love instead.

Love is Consciousness.

With consciousness, we are aware of what we are to take care of, and so we do it, with love, and not with fear. Devoted to our souls, we expand Love and Light. Divine.


God is good, divinity is good, the universe is good, and so is our divine nature. As we develop goodwill and transpersonal will, connecting ourselves to the whole of existence, we align ourselves with Divine Will, leading us to the ultimate flow: oneness. 

From this high level of connection, comes peaceful, accepting trust. Divine.

Disidentification Leading to Self-Mastery

You are not your body, you have a body.
You are not your mind, you have a mind.
You are not your emotions, you have emotions.
You are not your desires, you have desires.

May we experience, utilize and enjoy them all. May we be grateful for all of them — but not confuse ourselves with them.

As long as we identify ourselves with these, we are constantly reacting to sensations, thoughts, emotions, and cravings. We become robots, living on autopilot, and controlled by these. 

And so we get easily distracted, any anxiety gets us off track, and we can’t regulate our vitality. Identified with what we are not, we become hostages of ourselves. 

Deep down, when we talk about liberation, we talk about freeing ourselves from this cage within ourselves. Disidentification is a process of unbecoming, of detaching from illusions, which control and sabotage us.

What remains? Light, Love, and Will. Your Divine essence.

Identifying ourselves with our true nature, we develop self-mastery, and the ability to create the life we want to live. Our essence, centered. Divine.

Disidentification can only partially be done on a mental level. To recognize your divine essence, we engage in spiritual practices, go through alchemical processes that allow latent energies within us to transmute, we receive spiritual initiations to expand our consciousness, we go for energy work sessions to clear our field, and go through purification processes, all of which allow latent Spirit to manifest within us. 

Much of growth is through clearing and letting go. Through disidentification, we become spacious. Divine.


As Divine beings, we are the ultimate Creators of our reality. Our power over our lives brings us ultimate responsibility for our choices, our actions, our thoughts, and our beliefs. Every action has a reaction, and we are forever harvesting the fruits of what we have chosen and nurtured, so act wisely. Powerful, never victims. Divine.

Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-Compassion

The Self is the source of Joy. There’s no God before God, meaning if you are Divine, nothing should be placed on top of your own Divinity.

What are you putting on a pedestal in your life? 

Don’t make someone else your God, don’t make money your God, don’t make a hobby your God, and don’t turn work into your God.

The moment we depend on something for our joy and purpose, our divinity falls. Especially because of the previous quality we talked about: we are the ultimate Creators of our lives, and this includes all we cherish in our lives, such as relationships, work, and money. Why would we put you on a pedestal for your own creation? Why let it control you – for you are its creator? Understand your capabilities and responsibilities, and the pedestal falls.

Any kind of growth begins with self-love, for we love ourselves so much that how could we possibly regress, or stagnate? Self-love leads to self-nurturing. Any lack of self-worth has to go, for it will hold us back. Arrogance hides low self-worth.

It is not about being superior, for we are all Divine. Know your place within the powers of the universe. We know we are worthy of all love, of all joy, of liberation, of unfolding our potential — and so does everyone else. Divine.

Know Thyself

To be Divine requires you to know yourself as Divine. Knowing yourself will lead to being yourself. That’s how we get crystal clear. Without knowing yourself, there’s only a thought, a concept, of who you think you are. Distorted through the lenses of senses, mental models, and self-judgments.

To get to know the big you, the eternal soul, you have to go beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, beyond the body, and beyond the desires. A bigger journey of consciousness expansion and exploration is required. Divine.

Live Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose is a sheer consequence of being you, blossoming joy. By experiencing your real Self, your purpose unfolds naturally, for your purpose requires first and foremost you to be you. Your purpose is an expression of your Being. 

There lies clarity

Until then, there are only reactions to beliefs, expectations, culture, wounds, and mental models. Divine.


For life, for your agency, for your power, for beauty, for fun, for friends and family, for nature, for love, for experiences, for learnings, for growth, for this mornings cup of tea, for the smile on your face, for the cute cat, for whoever built that bridge that allows you to go to work, for who brought food to the supermarket, for everything that has allowed you to be where you are.

An ungrateful being lives a bitter life. 

Higher consciousness lives in your heart, in the eternal present moment, here and now. Divine.

No Hustling

That doesn’t mean life is easy. Challenges always exist, they are a natural part of life, for growth is a natural part of life, and growth requires changes. Challenges. 

Challenges and struggles are different things. In struggles and hustles, we are disconnected from the whole, we can’t see other ways, and so we force and push things through; it is our energy against the world to make our vision come true. Living divinely, our will and vision go beyond.

As we set our Will to live Divinely we might start getting even more challenges, so we get to outgrow ourselves more than ever before. Illusions have to be shattered, and it can be challenging. We go through many death and rebirths, expanding our consciousness endlessly. Yet, we go for deliberate, purposeful action, aligned with Divine Will — and not struggling against life or forcing things through.

Poverty lives in the mind, not in the wallet. 

Your Divinity is bigger than any of the challenges you might have, but that is something you have to find out for yourself. 

Divinity is resourceful and rich with possibilities, creativity, and visions. Remember, we are creators. Aligned with divinity, we hear and trust our intuition, and we are granted much more support in our efforts. Divine.

It may sound like high stakes, but that is only because we are so misaligned from our essence. These are consequences of recognizing and embodying the divine in us. 

Life is made of wholes that we break into multiple pieces for analytical purposes. We study a flower by breaking it into parts, but the flower is the roots, stalk, leaves, and petals; all together — as well as each part on its own. The work is to realign with your Self, and let all fall into place.

The ultimate healing is to recognize ourselves as Divine, anchor our Divinity in our being, Manifest Spirit in our vessels by embodying our essence and keeping connected, and thereby Live Divinely, day after day.

Go Deeper & Expand

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