What initially led you to spirituality? For some, it’s at first a path to heal from suffering, such as disconnection, anxiety, and loneliness. For others, it begins as a journey of curiosity, seeking answers to philosophical and existential questions.

Regardless of the initial motivator, as we follow our call and gather different pieces of the puzzle, we begin to shed illusions. As we start seeing clearly, we expand our understanding of life — of what it means to live, of what it means to be ourselves.

Without us even realizing it, we rediscover ourselves: we get to know more about who we are, our purpose, and our potential. 

Few are the ones who begin on this journey asking themselves “Who am I?” Yet, everyone arrives at this question at some point. In a way, it is when we get to this question that the path truly begins. 

And the answer is…

Despite how much the mind loves to ask questions, the answer to that specific question cannot be found amidst its social conditioning and mental constructs. 

The heart is the throne of our essence.

Amid the prisons of our minds — confusion, worries, and frustration — it’s the heart that sets us free.

The heart and the mind

“I only came here to give. If you come to doubt, I’ll give you every reason to doubt. If you come suspicious, I’ll give you every reason to be suspicious. But if you come seeking Love, I’ll show you more love than you’ve ever known.” Quote attributed to the great master Babaji

Living in a highly mental society, we have made spirituality into an intellectual hobby. We love talking and reading about it, but not so much committing to the practices and the life changes that spiritual growth entails. 

Spiritual growth is the path of the heart. We develop a peaceful mind just so that we can get to our hearts — and live from the heart.

Making the mind into a peaceful pond allows access to our hearts and our divinity. It also allows us to align the heart and mind, so that they can work together. But to create that peaceful pond, we commit to spiritual practices and radically change our thoughts, words, and actions. 

A mind full of judgments, confusion, and worries turns life into a battle field. On the other hand, a purified mind is a huge asset to the manifestation of our divinity. It becomes a vessel for love consciousness to flow through. 

As we purify our minds and strip away illusions, we find our essence, we reclaim the throne in our hearts. If you ever wondered why meditation is so important, it is because this is a powerful tool of purification. 

The mind fears death, the heart remembers it is eternal.

Purification allows love, courage, clarity, and all other virtues that have always existed in every single one of us to be heard and seen, simply because it reduces vices like fear, insecurity, and greed.

Living authentically from our hearts, we embody our Divine selves and fulfill our purpose with joy.

When we stay only in the realm of the mind and expansion of consciousness, we keep transcending reality, but not adjusting our Earthly life to create a heart-centered, divine life: a life grounded in the foundation of love, here on Earth, in everyday life. 

We clear the mind, we open our hearts — and we completely redefine the meaning of love. 

Embracing Love

Spiritual growth brings a much bigger understanding of love beyond human love.

What lies in our hearts? Undertanding. Compassion. Mercifulness. Acceptance. Seeing a bigger picture, zooming out beyond our human constraints — not for spiritual bypassing, but for total surrendering to love.

Love, the most powerful energy in the universe. The purest energy of creation itself. Love feeds on love, love wants to merge with all love and endlessly expand love.

We are not talking here about a naive love, but the purity of love. Not a weak purity that allows others to step on love, but a willing heart, a strong heart that gives everything for love, and stands strong on the foundation of love in the most adverse of situations. As we experience this immensity of love within and through us, our heart awakening begins. 

Love knows love is the only way. Love is the ultimate healer. Love is all. 

The Heart Energy Center

In the chakra system, the is the bridge, the intermediary connecting heaven and earth, higher and lower chakras. 

In the tree of life, the heart is the energy center with the biggest number of connections to the other energy centers. Its corresponding animal is a spider, symbolizing the heart as the spider in the web: the utmost connector, endlessly keeping all together.

I created the online course Heart Awakening as a reminder of why the heart is so important in this path — and to help you connect to this center deeper and faster, further catalyzing your spiritual journey and a fulfilling life. 

The heart is truly the core of this journey, self-love itself being the stronger catalyzer of any transformation. 

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe, and it lives in each and every one of us. Because it is so strong, many of us fear its intensity. Yet, we are love, and we are all so much bigger and stronger than we think. 

The only way to embody love is to surrender to love — to surrender to the heart. To surrender to know and be thyself. 

When you think of the life of your dreams, is that a vision that comes from your mind — or is that a vision of the deepest longings of your heart?

We start on this journey with our minds because that’s where we are living from. We are filled with worries, beliefs, repetitive patterns, fears, all of which prevent us from accessing our hearts. We must clear the mind.

What we often don’t realize as we focus on healing the mind is that the only reason we are doing it is so we can access our hearts. 

Without surrendering to our hearts, we will not get to where our soul wants to take us. 

Are you willing to listen to and embrace the calls of your heart? 

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I am Aline Ra M, a spiritual teacher, healer, and mentor. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me.

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