Life, with its complexities and challenges, often appears as an intricate puzzle awaiting our deciphering. Amidst its convolutions, however, lie avenues toward simplicity and ease. 

Life is not easy —  but it doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Let’s delve into the practices of simplification and letting go — essential tools for navigating life with grace and wisdom.


Firstly, let’s consider simplification. In a world saturated with demands and distractions, the art of simplifying our lives becomes essential. Do we truly require the myriad complexities we often impose upon ourselves? Perhaps not. 

By discerning what truly matters and shedding the unnecessary, we unveil a path toward tranquility and clarity.

That’s where it all begins: acknowledging what matters — and what doesn’t. 

What lies at the core of our lives — and what is only commentary? 

This clarity is followed by making choices — say yes to what matters and no to what doesn’t. The cherry on the cake is our ability to commit to our choices: sticking to them, and not getting sidetracked soon after. This allows us to sustain living a simpler life.

Why is Making Choices so Hard? 

To begin with, it is never difficult to choose between an amazing and an awful option. If you love marguerita and are vegetarian, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to choose between marguerita and pepperoni. 

It is also easy to make choices when you know what you want. But when you don’t, hesitation quicks in. In the modern world with infinite options with great potential, not knowing what we want equals getting stuck in life: we get confused, don’t choose, and don’t walk forward. 

Truly we mainly have to choose between good options, which shows the crucial aspect of knowing ourselves and what we want. Clarity comes from within.

Second, when assessing options we rely too much on our minds, and too little on our hearts. We attempt to calculate potential and minimize risks. We make choices using our minds only, and not listening to our hearts. The mind is too consumed with fear and overthinking to evaluate purpose and joy. It is almost as if the mind wants us to not trust ourselves. It is good to be conscious of the risks of our choices — yet overfocusing on that brings us into a disconnected and dry life. Ever felt everything was great on paper, but still felt lost and empty inside? That’s because our heart is not there. 

In other words, it is difficult to make choices because we are out of alignment: body, mind, and heart are not working together, and the mind in fear prevents us to go deeper within ourselves. 

Finally, we unconsciously avoid making choices because once the choice is made, we have nothing left but to commit to and work on it. Commitment equals responsibility, and we normally avoid that. 

We look for having rights without responsibility, which doesn’t exist. The result is that we don’t choose, and we don’t get anywhere. 

Clarity comes from self-connection, of seeing and embracing what truly matters to you, out of love, and not out of fear. 

I invite you to reflect on where you are at these points. Is your mind much louder than your heart? Are you evading responsibility? Or are you just a bit out of alignment, and need a little harmony within to acknowledge what you want? 

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Let Go

Choosing allows you to let go of all you said no to. Yes, we are saying no to a few things — because we are saying a big yes to a few things. This greatly simplifies life: life becomes lighter, clearer, and more purposeful.

The practice of letting go invites us to release our attachments, and fears. It might be a painful process, yet it releases great stress and self-pressure. It clears your mind and heart. 

You can have anything, but not everything. Choosing means allowing yourself to go for it. By relinquishing our grip on the illusion of control, we align ourselves with a higher order — opening a flow that unfolds our own inherent wisdom. 

Life becomes much harder when we avoid making important choices.

It Is Within Your Power

It is within your power to not make life harder than it has to be

It is within your power to make it more loving and meaningful

Ultimately, we possess the power to shape the narrative of our lives. While challenges may arise, it is our response to these challenges that defines our journey. 

Our discernment and ability to not avoid tough decisions moves us forward.

By cultivating a mindset of simplicity, and bringing in clarity, we create a fertile ground for growth, resilience, and inner peace.

Life is not easy because we need challenges to overcome so that we can grow. Yet, life doesn’t need to be a perpetual struggle. 

Life is not easy — but we create the struggle.

Simplicity Lives in Your Heart

Simplicity calls for clarity, and alignment in the shape of heart-centered living. It is not only about choosing and saying no: it is about doing so with honesty, and authenticity, from your heart. 

If this is tough, it is because it shows we are disconnected from our hearts, and we don’t trust ourselves. Gladly, we can all reconnect and get stronger within. Through this, we unlock the potential for a more harmonious and fulfilling existence — a life infused with love, meaning, and purpose.

Will you sit with your heart and acknowledge what truly matters to you? Trust yourself, own your heart, own your life. Make your mind work for your heart and make its vision come true. Everything else is commentary. 

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, mentor, healer, spiritual teacher. Too much in your mind — and not enough in your heart? Watch my free class “Live from the Heart” and start expanding your clarity today. 

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