It doesn’t matter how beautiful and big your house is. Without good quality foundations, it all crumbles like a house of cards.

We, humans, tend to focus much of our attention and energy on what we can touch and see. Because of that, foundations are easily neglected as they are somewhat invisible. Yet, they are as real as it gets: they are the strong roots that allow us to build our lives.

As a spiritual guide, teacher, and healer, my work is to support people to establish solid foundations for spiritual growth and soul fulfillment. 

These foundations are pillars, the deep roots that allow us to heal, to expand, so we can live divinely, and live our purpose in joy.

In my personal life and work, I have set four foundations; pillars. In this article, I give you a taste of what these foundations are and what they bring into our lives. 

Foundation #1: Spaciousness

Life can be so big and spacious — if we allow it to be.

The universe, this planet, and nature are so vast! Our souls and hearts are spacious, and yet, we got used to living busy cluttered lives.

Life doesn’t happen to you, life happens through you — and so we make space for life.

It is by creating space for life to flow through us that we get to flow through life.

Create space to breathe and to relax,
Create space to see clearly,
Create space to experience new possibilities of being,
Create space to experience the divine within you,
Create space to listen to the whispers of your heart,
Create space for things to come into our lives, to receive, to live a magickal life!

Spaciousness exists at all levels, within and without. Spaciousness in our bodies, minds, and hearts. Spaciousness in our schedules, in our homes. 

To nurture spaciousness, I work with purification, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and so many more techniques.

Foundation #2: Love

Love is consciousness. ‘This is a very different type of love than the emotional love that we think about when it comes to romantic relationships.

Love is so big! It is the most powerful energy in this universe, and because of that, it is difficult to grasp it.

When I think about love I think of an energy of nurturing. Love wants us to thrive and to grow. Love wants life and light to expand. That’s the work of love: to nurture. 

The thing is, there’s a balance for real nurturing to happen. It is like taking care of a plant: we need to understand what it needs, and not overdo it. Just like the plant needs water, if we overwater it we can kill it. 

Love is caring. Love is understanding.

We take care of what we love, beginning with ourselves. We take care of what we love so it can grow and thrive.

Love takes us back to our hearts, to release from fear and shame, to love ourselves, to develop compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness, to return to our essence and to what we truly want: the calls and longings of our hearts.

Foundation #3: Connection

Everything in life is relationships. Everything is constantly communicating with us-if only we dare to listen and be one. 

Self-connection, connecting to our intuition, to our bodies, to our hearts. Self-connection brings clarity to what we want and who we are.

Connection to all those around us, to nature, to Spirit, to the Divine within and without.

There are so many layers to connection, yet, at the end of the day, it is all one. 

Connection calls on our ability to listen, observe, be together, to co-live, and co-create. Sovereignty & Synergy. 

In connection, we integrate polarities, and bring what seems at first opposites together — no longer apart, no longer alone. 

Fear separates us — it is love that connects us. 

Foundation #4: Devotion 

Experience the divine within you.

Devotion to ourselves, devotion to life. Devotion invites us to embrace that life is sacred and that we are divine — and so, we live accordingly.

It is an invitation to see the divine in everything, and everyone. 

It is up to us to treat ourselves and all around us as divine and to devote ourselves to life.

We can make life sacred, beautiful, caring, and loving at any time.

Devotion leads to commitment, discipline, and integrity, all with grace, heart-centered, and at a soul level.

When we are devoted, we are willing, we have courage, we surrender, and we take on our responsibilities — from a place of love. 

I have played with different foundations for years, before setting in these four pillars. 

Each of these foundations has many subtopics, techniques, practices, knowledge, and tools that I bring into my life and work with my clients.

Everything I create goes within these foundations, and they can get quite advanced, as this is the beauty of foundational pillars: there is no limit to how deep they can go — and how much expansion they can support in our lives.

Foundations bring strength, cohesion, coherence, and authority to our well-being, healing, growth, and spiritual path — so nurture yours. 

What are the foundations of your life? 

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual guide, healer, and teacher. Thank you for reading my piece.

My work is to support you establish solid foundations for your spiritual growth and soul fulfillment, so you can establish a direct self-sustained connection with the Divine within you.

Heal from suffering, be your authentic self, and expand to live your purpose in joy!

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