In the relentless pace of our lives, we find ourselves drowning in to-do lists — a never-ending cascade of tasks that demand completion. We chase the satisfaction of checking boxes, only to start anew, perpetuating a cycle of stress and fleeting celebration. 

But what if we dared to embrace a different approach?

Truth be told, we don’t have to do everything, nor must we check every box every day. However, whatever we choose to do, we can do it divinely. We can infuse everything with our hearts and souls. 

Picture this: completing tasks with joy, pleasure, understanding, and purpose. Breathing through each moment, infusing it with goodness, intention, and love.

Imagine relishing your meals with genuine rejoicing, responding to emails with the kindness you’d offer in person, and attending meetings with an effort to understand diverse perspectives. Envision strolling down the street, appreciating the architecture, people, and places. Honor your own heart every time you speak and feel the textures of the bedsheets as you retire for the night.

Not because you have to, but because you want to savor every drop of this life. The invitation is to be fully present, actively present, here now in body, mind, heart and soul. 

Abundance of joy, love, and fulfillment has always been within our reach. The pivotal decision rests upon us, urging us to choose and invest the effort to be fully present — moving away from the confines of our minds and ensuring that every aspect of our being is embraced and present.

Here’s a simple start: Let’s pause between tasks, reflecting on why we’re about to do what’s on our agenda. What’s the point? What is the intention? What truly matters, and what doesn’t?

The Gods and Goddesses in Us

Consider this: Would a Divine being be excited about crossing off items on a to-do list, or lament the uncompleted tasks at day’s end? Unlikely. Rather, she’d be continuously creating, expressing, and shining — from a place of boundless joy and alignment, as an extension of her very divine essence. 

What about your inner God/Goddess? It’s not about perfection; it’s about giving 100% to life — with presence, intention, and joy.

Sometimes, we fear shining our light, letting rush divert us from our inherent goodness. At other times, disconnection blurs our path entirely, and we get completely sidetracked. 

Everything we seek — success, happiness, connection, and joy — transcends a mere checklist. They’re states of being, not achievements to be marked off. 

It’s not about a kick-ass job, but daily engagement with work we believe in and see purpose. It’s not solely about marriage, but sustaining a loving relationship each day. It’s not just about wealth, but about living an abundant life.

The challenge is not achieving these states but sustaining them. And nothing guarantees them without our own state of mind.

To-Dos vs. States of Being

Our obsession with productivity can lead us to focus on doing more in less time. But what if we shifted our focus to doing things with more presence, more connection, and more purpose?

We are divine beings, here to create and express ourselves continuously, connected to every moment of being. 

Each time we stray from this divine essence, we lose a piece of ourselves.

As states of being, abundance, happiness, and joy can be cultivated through habits, behaviors, practices, and routines that contribute to them. 

The richest human beings can approach life with a scarcity mindset — it is all within. After all, you can do your favorite activity in life and yet not rejoice in it. 

It’s not about having and doing it, but about being it.

It’s not about completing a list or external validation, but about how we approach life — a continuous, divine journey.

Less, but Much Better

In a society fixated on speed and worry, the remedy is to slow down and rediscover ourselves. Here’s an invitation to catch ourselves when we slip into autopilot and return to the divine zone. Practice makes perfect! 

The Practice

Here’s a reflection for you: How much love, abundance, and joy are you willing to allow in your life?

Pay attention to when good feelings arise — how long can you stay in it before you shift to busyness, stress, and negativity? 

Can you stay in that good feeling on and on, or does a judgment, some negativity, a comparison, a worry, or a bad memory suddenly comes into your mind to hijack you from the joy? 

Allow yourself to stay in that joy, in total presence, a little longer. To live from it, and to do all you do in it. 

The world won’t end if we don’t complete every task, but it could become a bit more fulfilling and divine if we allow ourselves to be more fully present. 

Honor the divinity within you by simply being. Life is divine, and the more we savor each moment, the more we honor our own hearts and souls.

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual guide, healer, teacher. Thank you for sharing your time and energy with me today.

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