Ever wondered what remains truly constant in the ever-shifting universe? It’s change, my friends, the one constant that reigns supreme.

 Impermanence is the only constant, sometimes so subtle you might miss it.

 We can either take these transformations as blessings or hurdles, yet they’re the universe’s way of whispering its secrets to us and providing us with new lessons for our growth.

Picture this: You leave a glass in your garden, and after two days, you return to retrieve it. Can you expect that glass to be unchanged? Perhaps it’s embraced the morning dew or maybe it encountered a mischievous wind, leading to chipped edges or shattering. One thing’s for sure: change leaves its fingerprints.

This might seem a tad pessimistic, but here’s the twist — the real magic lies in understanding why and how things in your life evolve, and how your energy influences this dance. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Growth vs. Decay: Navigating the Flow of Life Energy

When we leave things uncared for, they tend to fade, crack, and eventually meet their end. Decay is a natural course, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Within this cycle, we discover the ebb and flow of life.

Consider this: Your heart’s rhythmic beat, the food you ingest, and the blood running through your veins create a continuous, life-sustaining energy flow. They all require energy. They might happen automatically and unconsciously, but still, energy is always necessary for life. When this flow stops, decay creeps in, and it could lead to death.

Life is an energy exchange, conscious or not. When you withdraw from the exchange, life halts, and decay is certain. 

This isn’t a revelation; it’s a reminder. Just as you’d wither without food or water, your life requires your involvement.

The Necessity of Energy Exchange

Decay sneaks in when life force faces walls. 

Life thrives on energy exchange, and disruptions yield consequences. 

Understanding this concept is a huge key, and it isn’t just about your spiritual path; it touches every facet of your existence.

Stop giving to your love relationship or family, and sooner or later, things will go downhill.

Life thrives on these exchanges. Simply to maintain life as it is, the status quo, you must invest your energy. To elevate your existence, you must intensify these exchanges. Discontinuing an activity will lead to its decay, and impact some facet of your life, be it physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

Certainly, there are times when letting things fade is the wise choice, especially if they’re detrimental, or simply no longer a priority in our lives. After all, we all change and need to make space for the new to come in. 

By abstaining from investing your energy in these unworthy pursuits, you gradually allow them to wither away, and make space for the new to come in.

What’s the lesson here? To keep your life vibrant, immerse yourself in an energy exchange and distinguish where your energy is best spent and where it’s time to release your grip. What you judge is important to you, give your wholeness, bring your heart and soul to it, and life will reciprocate.

Let’s look into the three pillars of this powerful life energy exchange.

The Three Pillars of Life Energy Exchange

1. There’s No Such Thing as Stagnation

In the pursuit of sustaining and enhancing life, remember this: stagnation is a myth. 

Life knows only expansion and contraction; impermanence reigns supreme. If you’re not progressing with this grand dance, you’re regressing. There’s no standing still, only movement. So, embrace life’s rhythm and flow with it.

Give generously of yourself, investing your energy in life. As long as you are alive, then live! In contrast, resisting this exchange with life means withholding your energy, which not only brings decay but also disconnects you from life itself.

This brings a profound question: How do you relate to life itself? What’s your current exchange with life? Are you generously contributing your energy, or are you holding back? Our lives are woven with relationships, not just with others but also with existence itself.

2. Make Peace with Your Relationship with Work

In our busy and mental society, the idea of work can be a double-edged sword. Society has massive demands upon us, and sometimes it feels like we’re slogging through meaningless tasks. Finding peace with work doesn’t entail unraveling its complexities; it’s about acknowledging its necessity. Work is the energetic exchange that permits life to flourish.

Work encompasses not only your job but also the effort you invest in achieving your goals, and merely taking care of yourself, your home, your loved ones, and your life. Everything requires work, and work is nothing but energy exchange with life, so make peace with it.

The universal law of exchange holds true — you can’t get something for nothing. Failing to exchange leads to stagnation and decay, as you disconnect from the life force’s flow.

I invite you to reflect on your relationship with work. Most of us perceive the word “work” as loaded, something we dislike and want less of. However, if we look closer, much of this relationship is based on our parents’ struggles with their own work. What did you see growing up at home? Were your parents in love with their work and life, or only happy on weekends, and tired in the evenings? What did your parents’ work routine and relationship with money show you?

Recognize that these are imprints of your past that you have taken to your life, but they are not your own experiences. Also, notice what comes from society, and is not necessarily true: work doesn’t need to be a struggle, and we can make it relevant. We can make it impactful and work smarter. The fact that most people carry a mental model saying otherwise doesn’t mean it is true. You can heal your relationship with work, and build your own imprint.

Contrary to what many think, work doesn’t need to be a struggle or a hustle. It can be challenging yes, for we only grow through overcoming challenges, but that doesn’t mean a struggle. Life can be simple with extraordinary results.

Here I ask you: what is your relationship with work, and is it based on sound principles or past misconceptions? Are you able to create a better relationship with it?

3. Life Unfolds Through You

Lastly, realize that life doesn’t merely happen to you; it flows through you. All of existence is connected through relationships, and your connection with life is paramount. You give and receive, an intricate dance of energy and effort.

Despite the exhaustion and the relentless busyness of society, there’s beauty in this dance with life. You can easily discover it by making space for it.

What we need to change to let life flow through us and reveal its magick is to let go of the weights that are clogging us now: from our stress and tensions to mental models and beliefs, and, of, course, busyness.

Forge a harmonious connection with life, by identifying habits and behaviors you have today that are constraining you.

What are you overburdened with? What’s holding you back from allowing life to flow through you? To create space for life’s magic, release what hinders you. This is the hardest of all, for we are so attached to our ways, but remember: change is the only constant!

In conclusion, decay is a universal truth, but it also presents an opportunity for renewal. Embrace the energy exchange, focusing your effort where it matters. Bring your heart to your life, and to all you care about. Reflect on your relationship with life and work, and make space for life’s wonder to flow through you. It’s a journey toward spiritual growth and soul fulfillment that catalyzes, and it’s a journey worth taking!

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